Valentina Tortolini

Chief Data Officer


Valentina Tortolini is a partner in ByTek Marketing. Here she deals with data analysis and statistical models applied to the web. You are a researcher in statistics and econometrics at IMT Lucca in the AXES research unit which deals with the analysis of complex economic systems.

She obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Statistics in 2013 at the Department of Statistics G. Parenti of the University of Florence, where she also received a Master’s Degree in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences.

Her research interests are mainly related to the themes of innovation and industrial dynamics with particular attention to the pharmaceutical market. Since 2014 she has collaborated with the independent research center CERM, carrying out research on market dynamics and regulation in the Italian and European pharmaceutical sector.

In the past she has worked with CMC labs for the definition of predictive models for the Corporate division c / o Intesa San Paolo, Roche for the analysis of the AIFA registers, Confservizi Toscana for the development of econometric models for the analysis of public utilities, with the Department of Statistics G.Parenti of the University of Florence.

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