Ivan Cicconi

Advertising Specialist



Passionate about sports, music, beverage industry, travel and online marketing. He worked for 6 years in various clubs in the province of Viterbo and undertook a course of study in Industrial Engineering in Viterbo. In 2014 he met Paolo Dello Vicario during university lectures.

From there they started a Digital Marketing project for their course of study and started working together. Within a few months they decided to start ByTek Marketing. Here he is the Advertising Manager at various stages: from customer contact, to strategies, to campaign settings and optimizations. He has a particular focus on Google Adwords as this is the first tool that has started to use in this field, as well as other classic tools for Lead Generation, such as Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

He is one of the Rising Stars of the Italian Community of Google AdWords and loves working with campaigns on the Search Network and Google Shopping. In 2016 he took part in a Master’s degree in StartUP Business and Entrepreneurship in Los Angeles, California.It was one of the most stimulating training experiences of his life. In this way, he has better understood the sector in the most evolving city in the world, collecting contacts, opportunities and new skills, which he applies daily in company projects.

What I do in ByTek

Adv & Lead Generation

We drive and manage Digital Advertising and Lead Generation campaigns with excellent results

Management of Linkedin Advertising Campaigns

We develop LinkedIn Ads campaigns that convert, optimizing costs for CPC and CPL

Manage Facebook Ads Campaigns

We design effective Facebook campaigns thanks to the best audience profiling

Management og Google Ads Campaigns

We plan successful Google Adwords campaigns, taking care of PPC and ROI

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