Guglielmo Fassio

Project Manager


Born in 1989 in Viterbo, during his studies in Business Economics his passion for marketing was born achieving a Degree in Marketing and Quality at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo. Even before graduating, he landed in ByTek Marketing, starting from the bases of Search Engine Optimization. Today he holds the role of Project Manager and Operations Manager.

He collaborates with Manpower as a lecturer in the Digital Marketing course organized by YTiA and as a trainer for Talent Garden Innovation School.

What I do in ByTek

Competitive Link Analysis

We analyze the composition of the links on the competitors’ websites through the best software

Digital PR and Link Building

We deal with Digital PR and Link Building: two important positioning factors for each website

SEO Audit

We analyze websites and we are able to identify any critical issues and understand the most effective actions to be implemented.

Brand e Personal Reputation

We work to improve the online reputation of brands, constantly monitoring the web

Digital PR

Promuoviamo i tuoi contenuti e il tuo sito web su una rete di siti verticali e di giornali

SEO Assesmen and SEO Campaign

With our SEO methodology we optimize websites and quickly scale the Google SERP.

Data Visualization & Data Analysis

We analyze the data and produce accurate and precise reports that are essential for decision makers

Adv & Lead Generation

We drive and manage Digital Advertising and Lead Generation campaigns with excellent results

What We Mean by Search Marketing?

Generiamo traffico e visibilità sui siti attraverso strategie SEO onpage e offpage innovative

Management of Linkedin Advertising Campaigns

We develop LinkedIn Ads campaigns that convert, optimizing costs for CPC and CPL

Manage Facebook Ads Campaigns

We design effective Facebook campaigns thanks to the best audience profiling

Management og Google Ads Campaigns

We plan successful Google Adwords campaigns, taking care of PPC and ROI

Landing Page Design and CRO

We design Landing Page with engaging CTAs and maximize the Conversion Rate

Web Analytics e Integrazione Dati

Elaboriamo report sull’andamento delle campagne SEO e ADV e integriamo i dati dei CRM

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