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How to organize the content of a site so that the information architecture respects the SEO rules and increases its ranking? Designing a site is not easy and thinking SEO friendly might seem more difficult. Yet, studying information architecture compatible with the canons of SEO optimization is not only possible but with a view to a better performance of the site also at the level of positioning, the two things are closely linked.

So here are some indications on how to design a website with an SEO perspective and have a good showcase on the rest of the world.

Why designing Websites for SEO

Different professionals often contribute to the design of a website and in order to build the right strategy, it is essential at the beginning to draw up a checklist that establishes the requirements that this must-have in terms of SEO. Why design websites with an SEO perspective? To obtain concrete results, to be found by users and potential customers, to respond to requests and questions. In short, to develop ideas and projects by widening the listening audience as much as possible. Where to start from? Below is a list of the steps that we at ByTek propose but which may vary according to the client’s needs.

Briefing with the client

The preparatory activity for the SEO design of a website is a complete and exhaustive brief with the client, which helps to establish the objectives to be achieved:

  • Increase visibility
  • Working on brand reputation
  • Increase the clientele.

Establishing clear objectives will allow you to study targeted and clear strategies, saving time and energy.

Market Analysis

Before you propose, you have to know who and why. It is therefore essential to intercept the needs and requests of users. This is possible through in-depth keyword research, which will be followed by a choice of strategic keywords with clear objectives. The keyword analysis allows us to understand the research intent over time and in specific geographical areas, giving it a target.

Search Personas Identification

With respect to the identified keyword set, users interested in the project that the site proposes or potential customers in the case of proposed products and services must also be identified. Such as those interested by age group, interests and needs. The identification of search personas allows us to understand who the website will be addressed to.

Competitor analysis

After having defined the keywords, the personas and the geographical area involved in the project, it is good to go and study the competitors, i.e. the most visible websites for this sector. At ByTek we use consolidated tools and proven methodologies that can classify competitors according to their position in search engines, traffic and the number of recurring keywords. An activity to be carried out not to copy but to draw inspiration and do better and better.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

The results of an SEO strategy can arrive even after 2 or 3 months: while waiting for these results it is possible to propose immediately in the briefing phase, PPC campaigns through Google AdWords to generate a first traffic flow.

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Information Architecture and Navigation Menu

Based on the data collected with keyword mapping and competitor analysis, we move on to the actual design, starting with the information architecture, which allows us to organize the content in the best possible way, ensuring great flexibility so as to allow the expansion of the topics in the future.

The importance of AI

Good information architecture in addition to the content organization helps to avoid problems of access to search engine spiders but especially to users who need to find the content they need in the shortest possible time.

URL and page structure

The website will be organized with a homepage that will aggregate all the contents of the single landing pages that will have to be optimized according to specific keywords: each page will have a unique URL and dedicated keyword. The structure will then have optimized content and internal links, so as to be readable by search engines. Google assigns “a vote” to the website based on the analysis of content, external and internal links and credibility.

Content writing in SEO perspective

As said, the design of a site involves the collaboration of different professional figures. One of these is the SEO copywriter who will write texts optimized for search engines. The content in fact will have to follow specific rules, from the structure of the headings to the definition of meta tags.

Hreflang and website design in an international SEO perspective

If you are planning a multilingual site, with users from other countries, you should also think about an international SEO strategy. Therefore, the hreflang attribute will have to be implemented, in order to display in the search results, the page of the site intended for the country and the specific language. Alternating hreflang attributes improve the visibility of pages in different languages because they tell search engines what relationship exists between pages in different languages. The hreflang must be present on all those pages for which a translation into another language is planned, and must be placed in one of these positions:

  • HTML page markup
  • Header HTTP
  • Sitemap.xml.

The navigation menu

The navigation menu does not necessarily have to be the same as the AI but must allow the user to move easily between the main sections of the site, without leaving isolated areas. It must provide:

  • Internal Linking
  • Wireframe realization
  • Mockup realization
  • HTML realization (if necessary conversion to the dynamic version for CMS)
  • Loading texts.

A good navigation menu also gives you more control over both the creation of metadata and the implementation of an internal linking.

Verification activities

The SEO design of a website does not end with putting it online, because it is a process that continues over time with the verification of its accessibility. It is necessary to check over time the correct loading and optimization of pages and content, the usability of the website from mobile and the functionality of backlinks.

Maintain the rankings

Once the site has been structured in an SEO perspective, with the appropriate keywords and target pages, a ranking of the performance of each page is drawn up to identify any problems. An almost daily check will serve to maintain a good positioning constant over time.

SEO website design with ByTek

ByTek has designed SEO sites for companies operating in very competitive sectors such as insurance, obtaining excellent performance. For a leading company in hearing rehabilitation, we have structured a website in SEO optics, proposing a specific information architecture, proceeding through these steps:

  • sector examination with connected keyword mapping
  • identifying search persons
  • competitors’ analysis
  • keyword set benchmarking for search personas
  • creation sitemap.xml
  • creation robots.txt
  • optimization of PDF files and images
  • use breadcrumb
  • HTTPS protocol application
  • optimized content creation.
    After the SEO design of the site, link building and digital PR activities were also proposed.

If you are also interested in taking advantage of the opportunities that the web offers and the SEO design of your website, contact us, we will study the best solutions together.

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