SEO Strategy

Develop your SEO strategy starting with keyword mapping and competitive analysis.

To take advantage of the opportunities that the web offers, you need a SEO strategy that, starting from the analysis of keywords, then outlines a structured action plan. ByTek can study one that suits your needs.

The SEO strategy provides a complete analysis of web performance, starting from keyword analysis to understand the searches made by users on search engines. By analyzing these searches in detail, including those related to competitors you can provide a specific strategy, draw an operational roadmap that will allow you to guard certain niches, or to compete with other players operating on search engines in a specific sector or for a specific topic.

Our method is to make choices that are result-oriented but data-driven, using advanced technologies and proprietary methodologies. By interrogating the web we can analyze an innumerable amount of data to transform it into useful and strategic information.

SEO Strategy: what is it?

The SEO Strategy analyses the visibility of your site for the keywords in target products and interests in all interested countries, evaluating spaces for growth and development.

When we propose a SEO Strategy, we always present a document that summarises all the fundamental steps of the proposed action to make the client always participate in the path that is being taken and to develop the right actions at the right time.

A SEO strategy cannot ignore an initial phase which is represented by the analysis of the keywords of the reference market, made on all the countries included in the activity.

The keyword analysis is carried out through classification by

  • Clusters – keywords are grouped by common topic, trying to identify “common intents” based on which groups of keywords that can be traced back to specific Search Personas are built.
  • Search intent – analysis of the reason that drives users to do certain searches that are often implicit and undeclared
  • Micro-moments – identify those moments in which the user expresses a need, a request, to be able to interact in the best way.

The best way to reach your users/customers is to analyze those who might be interested in your project. This is why the SEO strategy includes the identification of search personas: it is useless to reach those who are not the recipient of your service.

In the same way, it will be important to understand how others are moving: for this reason we make a detailed examination of the performance of competitors so that you can study the interventions that will allow you to stay one step ahead.

The SEO Strategy also includes an analysis of thematic gaps and intent, the seasonality of research and emerging trends to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that the web offers and exploit them before everyone else.

Digital Editorial Plans (DEPs) with editing and content optimization that will help you increase the visibility of your site can be proposed for review.

Why Make an SEO Strategy?

Why make a SEO Strategy? The most direct answer is: to be there. If you have an idea, an innovative product, a project, you can make it known only through online searches. But how to reach users and potential customers? By intercepting their needs and questions, but above all by providing adequate answers and solutions, i.e. with a tailored SEO strategy.

When you ask yourself “what is an SEO Strategy” in reality you are also partly answering the question “why make an SEO strategy” because it is that action plan that offers the possibility to be found by users/customers by intercepting their requests.

A set of actions that we at ByTek propose through innovative and effective technologies and methodologies. Each choice is dictated by the data analysis oriented to the achievement of the objectives as demonstrated for example by some of our case studies.

We can analyze millions of data to intercept users’ requests by selecting the research intentions that may be

  • Informational – product or service information searches
  • Navigation – searches concerning a brand
  • Transactional – research that has a high commercial value.

The content of the SEO Strategy

Is there the perfect recipe for success? We certainly know the ingredients that can be summed up in a very concise way in

  1. Content and Information – based on data analysis we prepare an Editorial Plan (PED), constantly monitor competitors and optimize the content
  2. Link and Authoritativeness – we propose a dedicated link building with specific keys, on authoritative sites and backlink optimization
  3. Structure and Tech – In SEO the structure of the site and its adherence to technical standards is fundamental. Having an authoritative but poorly performing site and difficult to navigate by search engines means having a “misunderstood genius”.

At last but not least, the SEO Strategy offers constant monitoring of the opportunities that the web offers, to maintain relevant positions.

Contact us for a consultation, we will let you know which SEO Strategy could be suitable for you.

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