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With our SEO methodology we optimize websites and quickly scale the Google SERP

If you have a project or an idea and you want to see it take off, you need to think about an SEO campaign that will allow this initiative to get exactly where it is sought. An SEO campaign can give to a website and a project the right visibility, reaching users interested in that topic in any corner of the planet.

ByTek is specialized in Search Marketing and Performance Advertising, offering consultancy and SEO campaigns characterized by an engineering approach to processes with rationalization and optimization of resources. We use data-driven methodologies and proven technologies to analyze and integrate data, which allows us to continuously improve processes, following the user from his first online interaction to offline behavior. We build SEO campaigns on real goals, in a granular and increasingly precise way.

Here is how we structure our campaigns to intercept the needs of users and which are the fundamental SEO actions to improve visibility, brand reputation and neutralize critical issues.

Which methodology for an SEO campaign?

Scalability, rationalization and innovation are the pillars of our actions.

In every SEO campaign, it is necessary to intercept users’ needs, responding to their questions with relevant and comprehensive content but, at the same time, it is also important to work on the brand reputation neutralizing the negative influence.

Our methodological approach is made of 3 specific actions:

  1. Analysis - through the use of structured and non-structured data, we study the situation and the main goal, identifying strategic lines of action and providing a detailed view of the brand’s online presence.
  2. Development - we carry out specific implementations for Search Marketing and Search Advertising with output in terms of visibility or for a specific KPIs.
  3. Test - we use the Growth Hacking methodology, which allows us to use digital channels to get information on customers and products through tests and to work on marketing following the lean philosophy.

A cyclical improvement process

The SEO improvement process never stops, especially as search engines and the way people use these tools are constantly changing. That’s why our workflow provides for continuous improvement based on data collection and analysis structured cyclically, following these steps:

  • definition of the scope of the analysis;
  • measurement and data collection;
  • data analysis and definition of actions;
  • implementation of actions;
  • monitoring.

Monitoring will then start with a new definition of the scope of analysis to overcome the criticalities highlighted.

The services included in an SEO campaign

All the activities of an SEO campaign are structured around the SEO Audit, a project document that starts from the analysis of the competitive scenario and user research to get full planning of activities, focusing on both technical and strategic aspects.

The flow of an SEO Audit can be summarized in these 4 phases:

  1. brief - qualitative pre-analysis and keyword mapping;
  2. competitor analysis - technical audit and optimization;
  3. link profile analysis - AI definition - definition;
  4. Digital PR plan - implementation plan.

Particularly important is the Keyword Mapping activity, because it allows you to have an evaluation of the share of voice on search engines for different sections of the website, comparing the performance of brands and digital properties on search engines, to define priorities of intervention.

At the same time, by dividing the estimates by categories and by type of keywords, differentiating the traffic obtained from “branded” and “unbranded” keywords, it is possible to evaluate the impact of SEO activities in depth.

Based on the keyword mapping, an ad hoc Digital Editorial Plan can thus be studied, establishing in particular:

  • what new pages should be created;
  • article ideas for an editorial plan that reaches users at the top of the conversion journey.

This will make it possible to reach users throughout the conversion process.

ByTek’s analysis tools

ByTek uses proprietary tools that allow us to have all the main SEO KPIs in a single dashboard: from visibility index to specific insights on keywords and pages, up to the results of technical analyzes.

Proprietary CTR analysis tools also allow you to identify immediate improvement opportunities to pursue, modifying the snippets of existing pages.

Thanks to growth hacking techniques and rapid experimentation, we follow our customers in the construction and verification of tests for products launch in specific geographic areas and on distinct targets, getting information on the feasibility of an idea before putting it into production.

ByTek consultancy and SEO campaigns

We have offered SEO consultancy and campaigns to many clients. In particular, we worked with a corporate company in the food industry that wanted to improve the visibility of its brand, to reach potential customers, with the need for general information searches on the product categories covered. We set up a structured working methodology with a continuous training path for the customer that allowed us to experiment together and follow many Google updates over time faster than others. The result was an organic traffic increase of + 331% over 5 years.

Our customers also belong to very competitive industries such as that of services comparison. In this case, the performance data of Google campaigns were studied, with particular attention to search queries, assuming a series of new areas. We, therefore, suggested the implementation of some tests and then chose the best solution, aggregating Open Data for the generation of texts. The result was + 900% of leads generated month over month in less than a year.

In the publishing sector, we followed the launch of a new magazine whose need was to grow quickly. We designed the new information architecture of the website, we took care of the training of the editorial team providing guidelines and implementation support, as well as tools for analyzing user searches. In less than a year, the website got over 250.000 organic sessions per month.

The engineering approach, our own tools and our tested methodologies focus on achieving the goals. If you want to know the costs of an SEO consultancy, contact us, we will be happy to study with you the best solutions to grow your website in authority and traffic volume.

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