Link Strategy

Analysis of data relating to the link profile of competitors to design a strategy

The link strategy is part of a complete growth SEO strategy that allows a website to grow in authority and rank well on search engines.

Each website, each web page is part of a large network; when a long time ago Google tried to understand how to evaluate the authority of a web page or content by mapping the network as if it were a graph, it clearly emerged that the most relevant, most authoritative pages were the most connected. This implies that the more a website contains links to and from other sites, the more it acquires authority in the eyes of search engines.

In 2001 Google introduced the Page Rank patent to be able to assess the authority of each page on the entire network. For some years, Page Rank has been one of the main ranking factors: today the situation has changed a lot and Google evaluates hundreds of different elements, but the websites’ authority and, therefore, their link profile continues to be a crucial element of the SEO strategy.

The collection and analysis of data relating to the link profile of competitors is the basis of the link strategy.

Before starting with a link strategy, the website must be correctly structured. Information on the structure the website should have comes from a complete SEO Strategy and the analysis of what users are looking for. Also, the website should include high-quality content, designed and produced based on the Keyword Mapping analysis. This is one of the fundamental factors for good website positioning.

It is also essential to check the website navigation system and fine-tuning the tech functions. Only then it’s possible to go on with the link strategy, considering the quality and quantity of links which, by pointing to the pages of the website, will make it grow in authority.

Our methodological approach consists of 3 basic steps:

  • On-Page SEO activities to fine-tune the website both from the technical and content side;
  • Continuous SEO optimization by working on the websites’ structure for the optimization of existing contents and the creation of new ones;
  • Off-Page SEO activities to increase visibility on search engines such as link building, link earning, backlink optimization and brand reputation.

Once the SEO strategy is defined, together with his fundamental steps, and contents optimized, there are the basics to start working on the link strategy, structured in 3 main steps:

  1. analysis of the link profile of competitors;
  2. planning and definition of goals;
  3. outreach and review.

Competitors must be chosen based on the comparison that occurs in the SERP in correspondence with the keywords most focused on the site in question, analyzing it by each cluster and topics.

Studying the strategy of competitors is essential to understand how to structure and plan one’s own; not to “copy” but to “surpass” and improve performance. Studying their link distribution, how many links they have obtained and what type it is useful to establish the best link strategy and the optimal link profile. In particular, the quantity and quality of the backlinks are analyzed to identify if they are natural and if there are active campaigns that could facilitate the achievement of good results in the medium term. Links are classified according to three main types:

  • link tier - the quality of websites that contain links to the pages of the site, because a high quality of links to a website increases the visibility of content on search engines;
  • link cluster - clusters are the main topics of websites: they must be analyzed to have a detailed view and to make the links more visible for each cluster on specific pages;
  • link type - the type of link, that must be examined to have a complete overview of anchor texts and links to the website. Different types of links ensure a rich and variable link profile.

To carry out the study of the competitors, ByTek uses its own widely tested analyzes and methodologies able to offer an exhaustive overview.

Planning and goal setting

Only after having analyzed the link profile of the competitors, it’s possible to plan the actions to be taken by establishing the maximum goals that can be achieved without risking penalties from Google.

For example, contents can be published on other websites in order to maintain the backlink profile of the website in line with the competitors’ profiles. At the same time, the website can get links from websites held in greater consideration by the search engine for the affinity of topics covered. Here we can start planning publications with dofollow links.

Thus, specific goals can also be set, such as:

  • ad hoc planning for strategic keywords related to the main topics of the website;
  • improvement of the link profile and the authority of the website;
  • increase in the number and quality of inbound links compared to competitors.

Outreach and review

No strategy can achieve concrete goals without constant monitoring. We at ByTek periodically monitor all activities with widely tested methods and analysis tools to have a complete overview of goals and critical issues. A cyclical and systematic review allows us to resume the analysis and planning of goals at any time, improving the performance over time.

ByTek has studied link strategies for various clients, from social platforms of professionals to big brands in the beauty industry, passing through banking groups that also offer investment, insurance and credit services.

For each of them, we planned a detailed link strategy, including link building and link earning activities. Starting from the analysis of competitors’ link profiles, we make a plan, defining the activities and the goals that could be achieved without risking penalties from Google. When the campaign starts, it is constantly monitored through internal analysis tools that allow a continuous overview of the activities.

We have also created a Content Marketing platform for the creation and publication of valuable and original content within target websites: ReleVanty. The platform connects publishers, websites and blogs with companies that are looking for original content to increase the visibility and authority of their website. Contact us for advice, because having a link strategy means having more visibility and a qualified presence online.

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