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The Digital Editorial Plan (DEP) is the core of an SEO strategy. Among the advantages that this service offers, there is in fact that of increasing the authoritativeness and organic traffic of a blog. To affirm or consolidate the online presence of a brand, project or idea, a digital transformation is necessary, starting from keyword mapping analysis and including an editorial plan of at least one year. The keyword search in fact allows you to plan pages and content optimized in SEO viewpoint able to fill any gap that may emerge from keyword research.

Through proven technologies and methodologies, ByTek studies digital publishing plans structured and tailored to the specific needs of the customer in order to implement visibility and traffic of the site.

How to Create an Editorial Plan

The Digital Editorial Plan is part of a comprehensive SEO planning. After defining some key elements such as the client’s sector of reference, its mission and the characteristics of the service or products offered and above all the clear objectives to be pursued, complete keyword research will be required.

This will allow us to identify:

  • The ideal recipients of the service or product offered through the construction of Search personas, an activity that is carried out by studying the behavior and requests of users.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the brand: to be able to leverage the former and reduce the latter
  • Competitors: not to “copy” but to analyze their behavior and then establish the best strategy to innovate and above all to differentiate themselves.
    At this point, an editorial plan for the website can be structured according to the needs of the brand, identifying the right topics.

The Digital Editorial Plan will then contain the detailed scheduling of both new contents and the optimization of those already published, based on the keywords identified because they are more strategic for the customer. In fact, the PED will include the most scalable keywords of the area of intervention of the brand, established on the basis of a detailed analysis of the research intentions, the recipients of the service and the performance of competitors.

Our solutions

A leading company in the restructuring sector in the South Tyrolean area with offices in Bolzano, Merano, Laives and Cermes, has turned to us to expand its presence in the area and for a rebranding operation, in order to establish itself as a leader in the field of 360° restructuring.

The needs were, therefore:

  • To affirm its presence online and in the territory
  • Consolidate the new brand through a digital transformation
  • Design the website
  • Implement digital marketing activities.

The first activity we proposed was the SEO design of the website that included:

  • Keyword research
  • Definition of the information architecture
  • Specific Editorial Plan.

The results

A specific editorial plan that included the creation of new content optimised also from a local SEO point of view, and their constant production over at least one year, together with other activities included in the SEO strategy structured on customer needs, allowed the company to achieve its objectives. In particular, since the beginning of the activities has been recorded:

  • The exponential increase in the number of restructuring requests
  • The constant increase in website traffic over time
  • Trends in continuous growth.

Today the company is a strong and authoritative brand not only within the borders of Trentino-Alto Adige.

Contact us for advice on the possibilities of strengthening your website, to increase traffic and authority through the planning of a specific editorial activity.

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