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Discover the ByTek service to increase the traffic of your website thanks to content.

The copywriting service proposed by ByTek allows you to give your blog more visibility and to make it grow in terms of visibility on search engines thanks to texts and contents that answer to user requests on specific themes and topics. Discover how the service is structured and the opportunities it offers.

Why write SEO content

It is written to be read. Web copywriting consists of a set of web writing techniques that aim to offer quality content while allowing users to find them on search engines. Writing a beautiful post without an SEO approach is equivalent to having a misunderstood genius at home without ever letting it go out and get to know others. SEO copywriting, on the other hand, not only does not prevent the creation of quality content but also helps to intercept user searches, generating quality traffic.

How to write SEO content

When writing, you must not lose sight of the needs of readers, trying to respond to their requests for information and clarifications. This is why when you produce content from an SEO perspective, you must always keep in mind what your search intent is by relying on data, generally resulting from Keyword Mapping. Then you can proceed with a specific Digital Editorial Plan and only then move on to outline the content design. These then are the steps to be followed to write content from an SEO perspective.

Keyword mapping and user intent

How can I intercept user questions? By first querying the search engines. Google in particular, because it is the one that provides so many tools to analyze data and searches. Content from an SEO perspective is generally part of a complete strategic plan, which starts with keyword research and keyword mapping. The keyword mapping is a study of the main keywords that helps to interpret the requests made by users and that allows you to formulate the most appropriate answers.

The service proposed by ByTek allows you to extract from the search engine all user searches and keywords concerning a specific topic to transform them into useful insights. We group a huge volume of data and we analyze and study it to give answers and solutions. The keyword mapping concerning a specific topic, among the various activities can focus on:

  • seasonality - to identify the variation of interest during the year;
  • question - which ones are most frequent;
  • share of voice - visibility of competitors and comparison;
  • trend - interest and the rate of growth or decline;
  • research on other markets - comparison with other countries;
  • identify content - to structure an editorial plan

A text-based on an in-depth keyword analysis is a text that will be found and read.

Structuring the Digital Editorial Plan

A text is not an entity in its own right but must always be part of an organic plan and answer questions:

  • Who’s the target of the website?
  • What are the main topics to be discussed?
  • What is their distribution over time?

Before starting to write, it is important to have an idea not only of what to write but for whom and why you are writing.

The complete keyword research allows you to identify:

  • recipients of the service through the construction of search personas;
  • strengths and weaknesses of the brand to enhance the former and reduce the latter;
  • competitors to analyze their behavior and study the best strategy, to innovate and overcome.

The Digital Editorial Plan will then have to be tailored to the specific needs of the brand, identifying suitable topics, with detailed scheduling of contents and their optimization.

The analysis of the search personas deserves a particular study because it helps to have a clear profile of our interlocutor. For example, it is useless to write about hyaluronic acid creams for mature skin if our personas is a young man aged between 20 and 30!

Once the target has been defined, thanks to the Digital Editorial Plan we can organize the topics to be discussed and their distribution over time, creating ad hoc pages according to the keyword analysis made.

Content design

Talking about SEO copywriting, content design is essential not only to attract the attention of readers but also for search engines. A formatted text, with the right bolds and correct use of headings, will be more likely to rank well in the SERP than others.

ByTek’s copywriting service

ByTek provides quality content to customers operating in various fields. We follow international brands in the beauty and food & beverage industry creating contents in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German. We manage clients and copywriters through our copywriting platform, always having a clear picture of the commission and delivery of contents.

For the production of content from an SEO perspective, ask us at ByTek for advice, we will study with you the best strategy to make your website grow in authority.

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