ERP Integrated with Zoho One

Zoho One is the all-in-one ERP software that can integrate and manage business processes

To organize a company in an automated and extremely personalized way, without leaving anything to improvisation, there’s an extremely flexible and reliable solution: Zoho. Zoho is an all-in-one ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that integrates all the processes for planning corporate resources into a single solution.

ByTek is Zoho’s authorized partner and has been using the application for the management of customers, employees and the entire planning of the company’s activities for a year. Given the positive experience of ByTek, the other tech companies of the Datrix group have also decided to use Zoho to coordinate a team of over 100 national and international employees and customers.

Zoho One flexible solutions

Zoho offers the ability to set up all business processes thanks to over 40 integrated applications: from customer contacts via CRM to personnel management with Zoho People and scheduling all the activities with the Zoho Projects module.

An extremely flexible software, with tools to customize, extend and integrate the available apps in the way that the company deems most appropriate. That’s why Zoho One is a management system capable of offering solutions to improve individual departments or to transform the company’s decision-making processes regarding:

  • sales;
  • marketing;
  • HR;
  • accountability;
  • administration.

A complete platform that breaks down the barriers between the various areas, avoiding work individually, improving organization and performance thanks to:

  • integrated applications - a wide range of applications compatible with each other for Android and iOS devices to find everything at the right time, to be active anywhere and thus improve processes. Furthermore, by downloading Zoho One Admin, you can manage everything in a single app.
  • smart service - Zoho One services work system-wide, with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence solutions, business intelligence, unified communication tools and simplified software administration. The result is increased productivity and organization of the company.
  • customization tools - Apps and platform services are extremely versatile but, above all, reliable; Zoho One includes a range of no code, low code and professional development tools that can customize, extend and integrate the operating system to achieve your goals.

These in detail are some of the solutions offered by Zoho One.

To coordinate all services

Quickly fulfill orders, expand the business model, create custom apps: from marketing to sales, the platform helps manage and coordinate every business service.

Zoho helps to structure and automate the sales process to grow faster by offering the sales team a complete set of tools to work efficiently across all channels with a repeatable process from lead to cash. There are so many ways to talk to customers: from mobile CRM to emails, from social media to live chats and online meetings. You can create quotes, orders and invoices thanks to tools that automate and define the various processes without unnecessary waste of time and, above all, without forgetting deadlines.

Even the marketing team can count on a whole series of tools able, for example, to intercept potential customers or simply manage those already acquired. The HR department has tools suitable for personnel management, to find new resources and to empower those who are already operating.

Zoho One for Operations, for example, through the Zoho Projects module, allows you to organize and manage projects by directly generating invoices based on the time tracked.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a modern and extremely flexible multi-channel CRM that offers information on the operation of activities and solutions to simplify and improve business processes. Thanks to Zoho CRM you can carry out multi-channel conversations (chat, phone, e-mail, social) by tracking the conversations and keeping the team’s performance always at the top.

Functional, scalable and safe, Zoho CRM can be customized and configured to collect information from the whole organization in complete safety. Thanks to territory management, it allows you to segment customers and collaborators by allocating time and resources more efficiently; plan reminders and create automatic tasks, improving productivity by saving time and resources.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is the business intelligence software that collects and aggregates numbers and information from the various Zoho One applications. Through this, it’s possible to view and analyze all data by combining them with external data collected on other databases such as Google Analytics or Google Ads.

The application allows you to create reports by developing in-depth dashboards that can support decision-making processes. ByTek is Zoho authorized partner and can help customers design ERP flows to be examined with analytics and develop performing dashboards by crossing data from different sources. Thanks to Zoho Analytics we can transform a huge amount of raw data into useful information, keeping track of key business metrics, visualizing long-term trends, identifying outliers and predicting future trends.

Zoho Remotely

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the whole world has discovered the importance of home office. At ByTek, we have been experimenting with this way of work for some time thanks to the right set of apps that allow us to maintain a correct organization and a close-knit and productive working environment even remotely. Zoho Remotely has a series of apps such as Cliq, which allows you to chat or organize team meetings, Workdrive to share documents and collaborate in real-time, Projects to work anywhere by organizing efficient tasks and milestones by keeping track of the work done. An indispensable resource for those who want a business organization that favors working from home in a smart way.

At ByTek, we will be able to offer you the best solutions shared by Zoho One to make your business more efficient and productive.

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