Growth Hacking

Testing quickly to find the best methodology

Growth hacking is a set of techniques and strategies designed to make an idea, a project or a company grow faster, using structured testing methods that impact marketing and product simultaneously, with a very high contribution of data analysis. ByTek, as Growth Hacking Agency, supports clients in growth and experimentation and also uses this methodology for its own activities.

Testing quickly to identify the best methodology for developing an initiative: this is the definition given by Sean Ellis, a consultant who first coined the term growth hacking.

Growth hacking is a mindset, the ability that leads to seeing growth opportunities in every situation: from new technological trends to everything that pushes us to relate to change because, as the father of evolutionism stated, “it is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survive, but the one that is best adapted to change”

ByTek follows the growth hacking methodology for all the activities, each time studying together with the client the best strategy to grow better and faster. Here in a nutshell we’ll see what a growth hacking strategy is.

Growth Hacking: Process, Technique and Method

In highly dynamic contexts, it is not possible to divide marketing and product in silos. All user feedbacks must quickly become a variation on the product and on the way to manage activities. For this reason, growth hacking contemplates lean and interdisciplinary teams that ensure speed of action and 360 ° interventions on product and marketing. Every activity is related to the others and time is marked quickly.

Growth hacking is the perfect synthesis between marketing and engineering, creativity and ability to think outside the box, not remaining tight within the mesh that divides the single discipline. Thinking of each area as an independent “silos” means dispersing resources and energy, while the amalgam of skills together with a lot of flexibility helps the growth process to develop itself better and faster. Being creative and passionate about data at the same time allows you to make tough but probably winning decisions.

Growth hacking skills

Creative but guided by an engineering approach to data, the growth hacker should have skills and characteristics ranging from marketing to coding, which can be summarized as follows:

  • marketing – marketing automation, SEO, SEM & PPC; copywriting, e-mail marketing and social media are elements that the growth hacker must have at least a smattering of;
  • data analysis – the ability to analyze external data and results of each campaign independently;
  • coding – familiarity with markup and programming languages that allow being autonomous in conducting the first experiments;
  • design – in all its nuances. The growth hacker uses typical design tools to study and design services around his target and moves autonomously for experiments.

Why choose a growth hacking process

The growth methodology is suitable for all those situations in which we act in a regime of uncertainty and in which speed must be preferred to long and very long-term planning.

This methodology is perfect in different contexts:

  • in the startup world, where the methodology is born;
  • in the corporate field, to guide the company’s innovation processes;
  • in the corporate field, in times when the context around the company is changing and the company must innovate;
  • for the launch of new products, to be validated through tests.

The growth hacking methodological approach

The growth process is cyclical because it must restart from the identified criticalities in order to renew and improve quickly. These are the main steps:

  1. brainstorming - having collected data, the storm of ideas must include everything and more;
  2. establish priorities;
  3. test - experiment with the initiatives studied;
  4. implement;
  5. to analyze;
  6. systematize;
  7. restart (with new ideas and priorities).

Tests and experiments must be on a weekly basis at the most, they cannot last over time, otherwise, there will be no tangible results in close proximity.

The goals to pursue together

Growth hacking is an evolving process and does not rely on precise rules, nor is it the dream book. A growth hacking agency like ByTek thinks original strategies based on the customer and the project, not “photocopiable” by others.

This is a process to be studied and tested together with the customer in close contact, a continuous growth from which everyone can win only thanks to teamwork. This is a very valid approach for both B2B and B2C lead generation services, structured in the AAARRR funnel.

Ask ByTek for advice and test with a growth hacking strategy: we will study with you the optimal path for the success of your initiative.

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