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Methodologies and software to combine speed, flexibility and organization with data

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Product, marketing and development come together

CRM & ERP Supporting Digital Marketing Strategies

Activating digital marketing campaigns does not just mean adding channels to your media planning: it is a real transformation process, which has a strong impact on the company organization and on the way of developing market analysis and efficiency.

At Bytek, we believe that the transformation should not only be addressed from a strategic and operational point of view but also a technological point of view. The introduction of CRM & ERP tools allows you to digitize processes and have a complete view of the impact of individual activities on the company.

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Analysis, method and testing

Methods and software to combine speed and organization

Speed and ability to act in a structured way do not conflict. Our growth hacking approach is a synthesis of marketing and engineering, creativity and ability, to think outside the box without losing the structure. Thanks to modern management software it is possible to integrate business data and be able to make data-driven decisions quickly, passing from strategic KPIs to personal goals of every day.

Our first customer and partner are ourselves: we measure every element of our activities, we always improve through structured experimentation. Do you want to undertake a path of change with us? Contact us and we will study together the best road for the success of your initiative.

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