LinkedIn Ads Campaign Management

We create LinkedIn Ads campaigns that convert, optimizing costs for CPC and CPL

Anyone who wants to promote a project or initiative today must find new strategies and new tools to reach all potential customers. Within an advertising strategy, especially in the B2B area, you can’t ignore LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn is a fundamental tool to intercept professionals interested in a product or service. In B2B lead generation, being on social networks means having visibility and the professional platform is the ideal showcase to place ads regarding your company’s products or services.

With over 250 managed customers and campaigns on different channels including the Linkedin Ads platform ByTek is the tech agency of the Datrix group specializing in Marketing, Advertising & Lead generation and Content marketing. Ask for advice to learn about our methodology and to have a campaign structured on your needs.

ByTek LinkedIn Ads campaign management

LinkedIn is the social network suitable for managing campaigns aimed at a specific audience and we at ByTek study strategies meticulously tailored to the specific needs of the customer, going to intercept users who are interested in your services or products.

The B2B field is particularly complex because it is stratified on different levels, starting from the contact method up to the management of relationships. Over time ByTek has studied proprietary methodologies and advanced technologies to make results-oriented choices guided by data. The engineering approach to processes and the continuous search for scalability allows us to optimize resources and aim high quickly. We base our campaigns on the integration between data and user experience analysis, from users’ first online interaction to offline behavior. This is why we can optimize our campaigns for real business goals, in a granular and accurate way.

We always work closely with the customer with whom we share strategic choices by offering continuous data-driven support.

Growth hacking approach

Thanks to the use of the most modern Artificial Intelligence (Ai) technologies integrated with statistical-mathematical and behavioral marketing techniques, we study together with the customer the most appropriate solutions for specific needs. We apply a growth hacking strategy to all of our processes, always trying to identify the best solutions to reach the goals set at the beginning and sharing insights with the customer as quickly as possible.

Our working method is based on the AAARRR Funnel, with specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) between:

  • ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend or calculation of return on advertising spend),
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead),
  • value of conversions.

The funnel analysis allows you to constantly monitor the customer journey of users and understand the reason for each lead, thus balancing the budget and the contents.

The structure of the LinkedIn Ads campaign

Managing a LinkedIn Ads campaign, the first step is the definition of the types of goals, then we move on to the designation of the target audience, trying to be as close as possible to the needs of users to respond in a relevant way to their requests. In this way, the campaigns can be constantly optimized, including the budget. Periodic reports will help to overcome any critical issues.

If you want to know about our LinkedIn Ads campaign management service, we invite you to ask ByTek for advice and we will be able to answer all your questions by studying the right strategy for your business.

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