LinkedIn Ads Audit

Optimize your B2B lead generation campaigns starting from the technical foundation

Periodically checking the performance of advertising campaigns is essential. For example, those who rely on the ads of the platform expressly dedicated to professionals cannot fail to request a LinkedIn Ads Audit. The service makes it possible to analyze the performance of the campaigns, identify the critical issues and consequently resolve them.

Especially in the B2B field, it is essential to have visibility on the platform dedicated to professionals and companies, the ideal showcase to make known a product, a service, or a particular initiative, as long as the ads “run” well and the campaigns work as they should. The LinkedIn Ads Audit is a technical analysis that serves precisely to bring out critical issues and any problems within the accounts to study the actions necessary to overcome them.

How a LinkedIn Ads Audit is structured

These are the main steps of a LinkedIn Ads Audit.

Part 1: first of all it is essential to understand the goals you want to achieve, which in the case of campaigns on LinkedIn Ads, are generally related to Lead Generation. An initial assessment helps us to understand if there are any automatisms for lead management and how they are structured.

Part 2: secondly, we analyze the bid strategies and budgets allocated to each campaign. The bidding strategies have fundamental importance, given the very high costs of LinkedIn Ads, so you have to find the right balance between budget and CPC. Also, it is very important to study the size of the audience because this will help us to understand if the economic parameters are set correctly and, above all, if they are sufficient to make the campaigns work correctly.

Part 3: the third step is audience analysis. We choose and analyze the language, the geographic and demographic target, the size of the companies, the job position of the users and much more. It is, therefore, essential to choose the right target criteria for specific goals because LinkedIn does not allow the combination of all of them and there are exact rules to be respected.

Part 4: then we analyze all the ads, their combinations and the contact acquisition modules when expected. Also, the optimization of the tracking system and all UTM parameters plays a key role in this phase.

Part 5: when we finish analyzing the account, all information is summarized and included in a final report. The document contains all the results, the actions and the suggested optimizations to do and improve the campaigns.

ByTek methodology

Why choose ByTek for a LinkedIn Ads Audit? Because we currently manage over 250 customers and each campaign is studied and tailored to their specific needs.

Over the years we have studied proprietary methodologies and advanced technologies, always making data-oriented choices aimed at achieving goals. We follow the customer from the first interaction to conversion by working closely together, sharing strategic choices and offering continuous data-driven support. We use the most modern technologies of Artificial Intelligence integrated by statistical-mathematical and behavioral marketing techniques; for this reason, we are able to study suitable solutions for your specific needs.

Our methodology is built according to a growth hacking strategy, always looking for the most suitable solution to achieve the established goal together with the customer as quickly as possible.

The set up of the AAARRR funnel allows you to constantly monitor the user behavior through all 6 phases:

  • Awareness
  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referrals.

Doing this it’s possible to study the user behavior in each step, analyzing the reason for every single move he makes, thus balancing the budget and contents.

To get the most out of online advertising on LinkedIn, it is essential to carry out a periodical LinkedIn Ads Audit. Ask us at ByTek for advice, we will try to answer all your questions, studying the strategy that best suits your needs.

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