Google Shopping Campaign Management

Google Shopping campaigns are the solution for e-commerce to increase sales

Shopping campaigns are the e-commerce solution to increase their visibility on potential customers. They offer a great sales opportunity with tailor-made advertising formats, combining the power of Google’s targeting with an instantly recognizable e-commerce format.

We take care of the complete management of shopping ads and combine our experience with the best practices in the sector, to maximize results and increase sales.

Analysis and Strategic Planning

Google Shopping Feed data quality optimization

The data feed (i.e the way your e-commerce will communicate advertising products with Google) of your Merchant Center must be constantly updated and accurate, as Google pulls product data to create ads right there. In a first step, we optimize the feed, we work on the images of the products to increase the number of clicks and if the campaign is already online we study the results of the campaigns already active.

Strategy and structure of the advertising campaign

In a second moment we develop the real strategy. We design the account structure and campaigns, define budgets and set up tracking to quickly intervene based on user behavior and observations conducted day after day. We develop extremely granular campaign structures, so we guarantee that the best groups receive the most budget, maximizing performance.

Shopping Campaign Management and Optimization

Bidding Strategy

The offer set in Google to receive traffic is the parameter that determines whether or not Google will show your products. It is essential to continuously study the performance of competitors’ offers and the results of the campaigns in terms of ROI. We optimize bidding to ensure that the ROI improves continuously.

Performance monitoring and analysis

To achieve the desired results, we regularly monitor campaign performance, optimizing it. We evaluate the performance data and try to study the competitor’s strategy, in order to adapt the strategies developed in the initial phase to the actual results and continuously improve.

Google Shopping Campaigns: Bytek’s Strategies

Within a Google Shopping campaign, using reports is essential to monitoring the campaign’s performance and understanding how your products are going.

At Bytek we have an engineering approach to data and we use the most modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing), integrating them into statistical-mathematical and behavioral marketing techniques. We apply a Growth Hacking strategy to all our projects, always trying to find the best solutions to reach the goals set faster. We carry out a continuous test-learning activity to expand the customer base and retain it. We support customers in goal setting and follow users from the first interaction to conversion.

The growth hacking strategy is a data-driven methodology aimed at always looking for fast and effective marketing techniques and scalable growth solutions. Thanks to a working method based on the AAARRR Funnel, we know where and how it is possible to intervene in each phase, which levers to use, bearing in mind each time the final goal and giving priority to the most urgent interventions to achieve results faster:

  • Awareness
  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Revenue
  • Retention

How we structure our Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns allow you to intercept user searches thanks to a full ad image, price, offers and other product details. You cannot select keywords within the Google Ads platform but it is the same product data contained in the Merchant Center account that will determine how the ad is published and placed.

The ads can be of 3 types:

  • Shopping products: they include a title, a price, the name of the store without necessarily creating an ad for each product.

  • Shop window: allow you to group a selection of products linked to each other to make the brand or store known. They help you decide where to buy in case you use generic categories such as shoes or furniture. They are not available worldwide but only in certain countries.

  • Local catalog: they are used to increase visits to the local store, thanks to the information contained in the ads of products available locally

During the first phase, all information about the products must be uploaded to Google Merchant Center. Then, there are different strategies to be applied depending on the goals of the customer and the industry. In general, it is always useful to divide product groups and campaigns by categories, brands, or labels.

The product groups should, therefore, be segmented in a capillary way, to ensure the right correspondence between search queries and products shown in the ad.

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping campaigns take advantage of Google’s machine-learning to optimize offers and deliver product detail ads both on the Search Network and on the Display Network with dynamic Remarketing and Search for potential customers.

The advantage of these campaigns is twofold: it allows the publication on Network Display that helps you to break down the CPC (Cost per Click) and the optimization of ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

Google Shopping campaigns improve the quality of users, because they include product information directly in the ads and help the customer to choose with greater security, also helping his loyalty.

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