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We plan successful Google Ads campaigns, aiming at maximizing ROI

Advertise a product, an initiative or a project: a Google Ads campaign can reach users and potential customers in every corner of the earth. This channel can give you awareness and it helps to reach people interested in your idea, thanks to the targeted publication of ads, in the place where people are looking for products, interests and information, namely on Google.

The first thing, however, is to structure the campaign according to specific goals set. The right ad at the right time can transform users into customers, paying only when the user interacts with the ads, through a click or a phone call.

ByTek manages over 250 customers and thanks to the activities carried out in the sector in recent years, it has been selected by Google as one of the Italian High Potential Agencies (top 3%). We are one of the few Italian companies recognized as Google Partner Premier. Find out how we structure our Google Ads Campaigns and ask for advice, we will respond to all your needs.

ByTek is a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for Search Marketing and Advertising & Lead generation. In setting up our Google Ads campaigns, we use proprietary technologies and tested methodologies with a high engineering approach. We work closely with the customer, sharing strategic choices and offering continuous data-driven support. We also follow the user from his first online interaction to offline behavior, optimizing our campaigns for real business goals in a granular and increasingly precise way.

Google Ads Search is the most popular performance channel and it allows you to intercept the user’s needs at the exact moment they arise.

The most important thing at the beginning is to define, together with the customer, the specific goals to achieve and how long does it take. Thanks to the Google Ads channel on the search network, using selected keywords with a specific setting, it is possible to intercept all users looking for a particular product or initiative. The campaigns can be divided by brands, categories, specific products; they could be classic dynamic campaigns to intercept long-tail queries or dynamic campaigns to target remarketing segments. The advantage here is to use dynamic campaigns on users who have already interacted with our website, maximizing Revenue and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

With Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), you can intercept long-tail queries, serve ads with dynamically generated relevant headlines and advertise in new markets faster. DSA ads can increase traffic and sales by identifying new publishing opportunities that have not yet been targeted by keywords. They allow us to intercept long-tail keywords and searches that are hard to get with classic campaigns.

With the search network remarketing ads (RLSA, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads), we can get to users who have already visited the website and who, later, perform a new search. An effective remarketing ad setup increases the conversion rate and, therefore, sales, optimizing ROAS.

You can also create Brand Campaigns, occupying the SERP top positions when looking for precisely branded products, avoiding the user going to a competitor (or reseller). In addition to overseeing the SERP, the Brand Campaigns reduce the cost per conversion and optimize the ROAS. Furthermore, Brand Campaigns reduce the cost per conversion, they optimize the ROAS and have a low unit cost, which allows lowering the total cost of conversions.

Nearly 2 billion viewers spend more than an hour a day on YouTube from mobile devices. Thanks to this platform it’s possible to reach one of the largest audiences in the digital world and find new customers. Depending on the step of the funnel the user is in, you can use different ad formats:

  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: video ads that allow us to reach our target with an entire message, paying per CPM.
  • Skippable in-stream ads: the ad that can be skipped by the user after 5 seconds, and you pay only if the video view reaches 30 seconds or if the user clicks on the ad. Payment is per CPV.
  • Bumper Ads: a non-skippable format mainly used for remarketing campaigns.

With a Google Ads YouTube campaign, you can intercept an active audience, which generally researches products and services. You can also create custom intent audiences and classic remarketing lists, to reach people who have interacted with the company’s products or services or taken actions or simply visited the website.

Here are the 3 formats that could be exploited:

  • TrueView for Action: they can increase the number of conversions by adding a CTA (call to action) in the foreground and an end screen to video ads;
  • Bumper Ads: non-skippable video ads that can only be purchased in CPM with a maximum duration of 6 seconds.
  • YouTube for Shopping: very similar to TrueView for Action but unlike these, they can have ads with product sheets such as Google Shopping Classic below or to the side.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network is the network that covers 90% of internet users around the world and includes websites, apps, YouTube and Gmail. It offers the great advantage of reaching a wide range of websites, apps and video content with ads. It also has advanced targeting settings that help show ads to users most relevant to the business.

This channel can be used in the awareness phase to attract users belonging to an audience segment that has characteristics of affinity with your product or is actively looking for it to the site.

With remarketing on the Display network, with specific banners, it is also possible to re-engage users who have viewed a specific page or product or who have arrived at the cart without buying. This type of campaign typically increases the number of conversions and limits the loss of potential customers.

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