Google Ads Audit

Analysis to highlight the technical problems of the accounts, identifying valuable actions.

Analyzing the performance of your campaign to identify improvements is only possible through a Google Ads Audit. The goal of this service is precisely to find the areas where campaign performance is poor and make the necessary improvements to review the settings and, if necessary, the budget, saving time and resources.

At ByTek, we use proprietary tools and methodologies to carry out a Google Ads Audit and always get the best results from our campaigns. We currently manage over 250 clients, we have been chosen by Google as one of the Italian High Potential Agencies (Top 3%) and we are one of the few companies recognized as Google Premier Partner. For all these reasons, asking for advice from ByTek you will find an answer to your needs, discovering that you can always get the most out of all campaigns.

ByTek Audits are based on consolidated technologies and proprietary methodologies with which we have been operating for years. Our customers get increasingly precise reports and insights, essential for planning data-driven marketing actions.

The first step of each consultation is a meticulous analysis of the initial situation, to evaluate how the advertising channels have been used up to that moment and then set up an appropriate strategy on Google Ads channels. Our plans follow a growth hacking approach, a data-driven method to identify smart marketing techniques and scalable growth solutions in the shortest possible time.

To achieve results, we monitor and manage the customer journey along the entire conversion funnel that follows the AAARRR system:

  • Awareness
  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referrals.

The AAARRR funnel helps to keep in mind the final goal, the level at which to intervene and which levers to use, to give priority to the most urgent interventions, speeding up the goal achievement.

The basic steps of a Google Ads Audit

The Google Ads Audit identifies critical issues to quickly overcome them. These are the most important phases.

Part 1: first of all, we identify the company purposes and evaluate all the available means, such as the budget and any usable content. Then we can begin to study strategies based on the results obtained up to that moment, the channels used and how they were used.

Part 2: in this phase, we move on to the analysis of the campaign settings that, depending on the channels used, can be very different from each other. In general, however, there are always parameters that are analyzed on all accounts, such as tracking and attribution model, budget breakdown and bid strategies, connections with Google Analytics and other Google products.

Part 3: the third step involves a more in-depth check of campaigns, that leads us to analyze the keywords and their correspondence for Search campaigns, the demographic target and the interests chosen for Display or YouTube campaigns, the feed and offers for Shopping campaigns. It is probably the most critical part of the audit, because at this stage, regardless of the channel used, you choose the target to show the products or services, so optimizing them may or may not lead to the success of the campaign.

Part 4: the fourth step of the audit goes much deeper than the information and we study other details, such as ads, site links and extensions in general.

Part 5: to conclude, we create a final report for the customer, containing all the operations, adjustments and optimizations suggested for the account which will be specific to the channels used within it.

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