Facebook Ads Campaign Management

We design effective Facebook campaigns thanks to better audience profiling

Whenever you plan an advertising campaign on new products or services, or for businesses that are difficult to intercept through keywords through the Google Ads tool, social networks such as Facebook or Instagram are perfect. These latest platforms have as their strengths the interception of users’ interests, based on all the interactions they have with the various pages, profiles, posts and much more.

Social networks are also platforms on which people spend most of their time and it’s easier to “find them often” here, allowing us to take advantage of strategies such as remarketing. For this reason, when working on an advertising strategy it is essential to include a Facebook Ads campaign within the planning.

ByTek Facebook Ads campaigns

ByTek, a tech company of the Datrix group, currently manages over 250 customers. Thanks to the activity carried out in recent years in the Advertising industry, ByTek has been selected by Google as one of the Italian High Potential Agencies (Top 3%), a of the few in Italy to be recognized as Google Partner Premier.

Our engineering approach to data aimed at the result and the use of the most modern technologies integrated with statistical-mathematical and behavioral marketing techniques, allow us to find effective solutions. We work alongside the customer in defining goals and follow users from the first interaction to the final conversion. Our Facebook Ads campaigns are designed on specific needs and that is why they reach the set goals.

Growth hacking approach

ByTek plans digital advertising activities on each channel, including Facebook and Instagram, first of all identifying the business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) between:

  • ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) - calculation of return on advertising spending;
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead);
  • transactions;
  • value of conversions.

We always follow a growth hacking approach, a data-driven methodology whose main goal is to identify fast marketing techniques and scalable growth solutions. The working method is based on the AAARRR Funnel, which allows us to constantly monitor the campaign and prioritize the most urgent interventions, always keeping in mind the final goal to achieve results faster.

The structure of Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook Ads is the advertising platform that allows you to deliver ads on Facebook and Instagram networks. Facebook has the great advantage of reaching the user while spending time on social networks in moments when he is not manifesting a need, and it allows you to work both on potential customers, closer to conversion, and those in a higher level of the funnel.

Together with the client we first define the types of goals that can be:

  • notoriety: brand awareness, coverage
  • consideration: traffic, generation of leads, video views, interaction with posts, likes on the page, messages
  • conversions: conversions, product sales, leads.

The targeting methods used could be:

  • interests;
  • behaviors;
  • demographics;
  • devices.

The Facebook Ads platform offers various creative formats including:

  • single image;
  • video;
  • slideshow;
  • carousel;
  • stories.

Examples of targets can be, for example, frequent travelers between the ages of 30 and 40, or users of particular mobile devices between the ages of 25 and 30 or referring to specific demographic data based on definite work activities and sectors, over the age of 35, and so on.

Once the targeting is defined, we can study the ad format. For Facebook the ad formats are:

  • single image: a rectangular or square graphic format is recommended for this type of ad;
  • carousel: a scrolling square graphics format;

As for Instagram Ads, the Stories format, with rectangular graphics, is added to the single or carousel image.

To achieve the Product Selling goal you can use Dynamic Facebook Ads-RDA, extracting items from the catalog to show them to people who have already viewed or searched for them online. This type of advertisement allows remarketing on users who have visited or performed a particular action on the website. One of the most interesting aspects is that of being able to re-intercept a user who added a specific product to the cart but without purchasing it. In this case, the platform offers an advertisement automatically generated based on inputs that are given during the setting phase, and the user will see the product with an invitation to complete the purchase. Users will thus find advertisements on social networks (generally in a carousel format) where they can see the products just displayed. One of the strengths of Dynamic ads is the increase in ROAS and Revenue.

If you want to promote your service or your products, ask us at ByTek for advice, we will be able to advise you and structure the Facebook Ads campaign that best suits your needs.

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