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Search engines are increasingly impacting consumer decisions, both on the desktop and mobile. In Italy over 34 million users use search engines every day, first of all Google, to know the brands and services they are addressing, documenting and informing themselves before buying and generating conversions. Therefore it is essential to analyze the performance of a site indexed by Google to improve the presence of a company on the web.

Our SEO Audit service allows companies to find out what are the search queries of their costumer and to develop reputation control strategies and improve visibility.
The SEO Audit shows the customer the competitive context and user research, specifying the technical interventions necessary to optimize the site code and structure, with particular attention to the User Experience. After that we intervene on the content strategy, defining which content to insert in order to position ourselves on the keywords in question.

The SEO Audit Development Process

Our SEO Audit development process includes:
– Analysis of competitors and of the main SEO OnPage and OffPage strategies;
– Analysis of the search queries from which traffic is received and the keywords on which the competitors are positioned;
– Expansion of keyword research and mapping of user searches;
– Analysis of keywords and grouping of the same in clusters;
– Benchmarking with competitors with respect to the different classification methods, to determine the share of voice and margins of growth;
– Site crawling and identification of technical criticalities;
– Preparation of the analysis and planning document.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

Starting from the client’s business objectives, we analyze the technical and content aspects of the website. We use keyword analysis to map user needs and define any revisions to the site’s information architecture. Finally, we create a complete technical and strategic document, indicating the necessary implementations at the SEO level.

Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to oversee the search as a strategic channel for acquisition and protection of the brand. For anyone wishing to position themselves effectively on Google. The SEO Audit is the first step necessary to develop an SEO campaign.

What are the benefits?

The strength of the SEO Audit is to have a complete view of the technical problems of a website, flanked by a strategic vision, provided by the analysis of user searches. It will be possible to learn more about the way in which your target searches online, as well as a clear mapping of the interventions to be implemented to achieve ambitious objectives in search marketing.

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