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Shopping campaigns are the e-commerce solution to increase their visibility on potential customers. They offer a great sales opportunity with tailor-made advertising formats, combining the power of Google’s targeting with an instantly recognizable e-commerce format.

We take care of the complete management of shopping ads and combine our experience with the best practices in the sector, to maximize results and increase sales.

Our Work Approach

Google Shopping, Esempio di Annunci

Analysis and Strategic Planning

Feed data quality optimization

The data feed (ie the way your e-commerce will communicate advertising products with Google) of your Merchant Center must be constantly updated and accurate, as Google pulls product data to create ads right there . In a first step, we optimize the feed, we work on the images of the products to increase the number of clicks and if the campaign is already online we study the results of the campaigns already active.

Strategy and structure of the advertising campaign

In a second moment we develop the real strategy. We design the account structure and campaigns, define budgets and set up tracking to quickly intervene based on user behavior and observations conducted day after day. We develop extremely granular campaign structures, so we guarantee that the best groups receive the most budget, maximizing performance.

Campaign Management and Optimization

Bidding strategy

The offer set in Google to receive traffic is the parameter that determines whether or not Google will show your products. It is essential to continuously study the performance of competitors’ offers and the results of the campaigns in terms of ROI. We optimize bidding to ensure that the ROI improves continuously.

Performance monitoring and analysis

To achieve the desired results, we regularly monitor campaign performance, optimizing it. We evaluate the performance data and try to study the competitor’s strategy, in order to adapt the strategies developed in the initial phase to the actual results and continuously improve.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

With Shopping campaigns you can reach customers at the exact moment they search for products, lowering the cost of customer acquisition.

Who is it for?

To anyone who has an e-commerce site full of products sought by users and with competitive prices with the need to make their business scalable.

What are the benefits?

The CTR of shopping ads is generally higher than average. In addition, we offer granular and product-oriented campaign management.

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