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Google Ads allows you to promote products and services, gaining great visibility in a short time, both on the first page of the results of the well-known search engine used by 98% of Italian users, and on the large display network (banner), YouTube or Play Store. It is an effective and performance tool.

Our professionals are certified Google Ads and design ads shown only to a targeted audience, selected on a demographic, geographical or interest basis. This way you can achieve the best results by maximizing the ROI of the campaigns, all in the interest of the customer.

The data provided by the results of the campaigns are essential to optimize the content of the ads and make them closer to the interests of users , thus improving the CTR. Google Ads is also effective for remarketing actions on users who have already shown interest in products, improving, for example, the performance of an ecommerce site.

We are a certified Google Partner agency: we develop the best budget planning, the definition of project KPIs and constantly monitor the campaign to meet customer needs.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

We manage already launched Ads campaigns or we design new ones, inserting them into wider digital advertising strategies. Let’s start from the objectives and the analysis of target data and research to define the ideal account structure. We implement, monitor and improve day by day.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at companies that understand the real value of search marketing and want to invest seriously in search channels, relying on a competent, transparent and reliable partner, able to understand specific business needs and develop ad hoc campaigns.

What are the benefits?

With Google Ads we intercept users at the exact moment they express a need. You get contacts and conversions from highly motivated users. We have managed millions of euros of budget and, besides being Google Partner, we have in our team a Rising Star of the Italian Community of Ads.

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