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Every day 24 million Italians access Facebook. Only in Italy Facebook has over 30 million users. So it is clear that advertising on Facebook is extremely useful for the promotion of brands, products and websites.

Why use Facebook Ads? Because it allows you to use one of the most detailed and varied profiling currently available in the world. It has 900 million users of which it knows demographics, interests and lifestyle, in addition to the type of interactions. Through the creation of a targeted public it is possible to publish advertisements to reach a public profiled on over 100 parameters, aiming only at your target audience.

We develop social advertising campaigns oriented towards lead generation and performance. Our advertising team realizes integrated projects, involving content, graphics, programming and verification. Each campaign is the result of an integrated process, continuously tested and attentive to the client’s budget.
Our experience allows us to achieve excellent results. The data are our headlight, the tests are our guide.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

Advertising campaigns on Facebook start with a careful analysis of audience and goals. Then we proceed to the design of the various graphics and set the structure of the campaign. Everything is designed and built to ensure maximum traceability and activate highly targeted retargeting campaigns based on user behavior. The continuous improvement towards performance is our goal.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at companies that want to launch products or services for a typical B2C audience or want to improve the engagement on their customers, by inserting Facebook between the nurturing and retargeting channels. Facebook is a channel for performance advertising for us.

What are the benefits?

Through the Facebook Advertising campaigns it is possible to obtain qualified leads at low cost. At the same time we work on the awareness and improvement of the engagement of users who have already shown interest in the services or products of their company, thanks to advanced and segmentable remarketing campaigns based on the interests expressed on Facebook.

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