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LinkedIn is the social network most used by businesses and in professional environments, with over 10 million users in Italy. This is why it is one of the best channels for B2B lead generation. It is aimed at a target of people with higher education and an average family income of 70,000 euros.
Frequently business decision makers and professionals use LinkedIn.

The specificity of LinkedIn advertising is this: it is the only social network able to gather information on the profession of members and information on the companies for which they work. This great wealth of data allows the creation of LinkedIn Ads campaigns to reach highly profiled contacts by business role, geographical area and companies for which they operate.
We also propose the optimization of the Sponsored InMail service, which allows you to send email to target groups operating on 16 different parameters, including the company, the sector, the company size, the role and many other parameters, with excellent results.

Our specialists program LinkedIn Ads campaigns in the B2B area, aimed at reaching the most interesting and targeted contacts for the client, paying attention to the best use of the budget and maximizing ROI.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

The service starts with the planning of the lead generation strategy. After defining the objectives and the target, the points of contact with the users and the modes of engagement, in addition to the possible integration with the other channels, we proceed with the definition of the creativities and the methods of monitoring the campaign. Once online, we update it constantly based on the results obtained.

Who is it for?

To all companies operating in the B2B field and who want to use the web as a lead generation channel to get in touch with decision makers of companies that are difficult to reach in an alternative way. LinkedIn Ads is a high-performance acquisition channel for those working in B2B and allows to obtain extremely low CPL and CPA, if inserted into a well-structured strategy.

What are the benefits?

The cost per lead on LinkedIn is typically higher than those obtainable with other channels. But it is important to note that leads from LinkedIn are typically of significantly higher quality and can represent truly interesting business opportunities.

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