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Landing Page is a very effective tool in Web Marketing, and in particular for lead generation. It is a web page created with the main objective of transforming users into leads, collecting their contact data, or into buyers. It proposes a call to action (Call To Action – CTA), so that the user can fill out a form or connect directly to an e-commerce and generate conversions.

A Landing Page must be designed by professionals with specific training and experience. Our landing pages follow a flow of fast cycles of hypotheses, experimentation and verification, which allow us to obtain persuasive pages, with performing results.

Our experts realize Landing Page that convert, thanks to the maximum attention to the CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, monitoring the conversions and realizing A / B tests, made by processing and proposing online different Landing Page for graphics and CTA. Our Landing Page transform contacts into customers.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

We study the product or service in addition to the target to communicate. The client receives a first draft of a graphic and copy structure, on which one works together and makes a user test. Having obtained a final solution, it is sent online and we evaluate various graphic and copy alternatives, through the AB testing technique.

Who is it for?

To all those wishing to start lead generation campaigns and need support in the creation of landing pages and reduce the costs of acquisition of each individual contact. We manage the service in a complete way and integrate it with the advertising activities, or with any content customization solutions dictated by specific marketing automation workflows.

What are the benefits?

We aim at the results before everything. Each channel presents its specifications and the landing page is designed to be optimized for each individual touchpoint and based on campaign strategies. We aim to maximize performance and provide customers with useful data to understand their target and improve their marketing side.

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