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Reduce and eliminate the time spent in drafting repetitive reports, improving their quality: this is our goal through the activity of Data Visualization & Data Analysis.

We believe that the processing of business reports and effective and understandable infographics represent an important element for companies. The data of the Digital Marketing campaigns conducted by our team are presented through dashboards with real-time updates, allowing the marketing to focus on qualitative analysis activities, or even better, on the strategy.
The basis of an effective report is the Data Analysis activity carried out in our agency by specialists with engineering, statistics and marketing training. The analysis carried out on data, whether internal to the company or extracted from Social Networks or other web sources, allows gathering essential information and providing elements to decision makers to plan company strategies.

We perform data analysis, developing plans to set up tracking and measurement processes, to extract the most useful data for the development of the customer’s business. Our dashboards and our reports have a specific goal: to provide actionable insights to make decisions.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

We start from a careful analysis of the needs of visualization and monitoring of the customer. We identify the KPIs and the metrics to be monitored. We study how to connect to data sources and design the graphical interface of our dashboards updated in real time. We develop dashboards in Tableau or Google Data Studio and constantly improve them.

Who is it for?

We turn to companies that want to exploit large amounts of marketing data or digital marketing, obtaining insights that can be activated and consulted quickly, at any time and from any device. The data are provided in a structured format and come from different sources: we will guide you in choosing the best metrics and solving problems.

What are the benefits?

ByTek Marketing combines the technical expertise in data processing and visualization with the experience in managing different types of digital marketing campaigns. We are able to correctly read the problems posed by marketing and to reduce the workload on repetitive activities in the drafting of reports, to shift the focus on what really matters.

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