Writing is an art, but composing texts for the web requires specific skills and competences. Web Copywriting is the technique of writing content optimized for the web. Professional journalists and copywriters work with us and produce readable, articulated and optimized texts based on a precise analysis of user queries on search engines.

We manage company blogs at a national level and relate original and persuasive content, with the tone of voice best suited to the site that hosts them and to users of reference. With our copywriting service we are able to manage the entire publishing plan, proposing to the client a calendar of publication, titles and contents to be produced.
We develop press releases, creating texts with journalistic techniques and promoting them directly from our proprietary Digital PR platform, which guarantees the widest possible dissemination.

We produce texts of product cards for e-commerce, with attention to improving the user experience and maximizing results. We produce Guest Post and we take care of the publication on sites and portals of the sector, improving the positioning of the site. Google recognizes the value of our content.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

Based on the client’s brief, we create a package of texts on specific topics or a request for editorial planning with a view to SEO. Our network of journalists and copywriters receives the commission of texts, in particular by choosing the most suitable person based on the sector of reference and the style of writing required. The text, before being delivered and uploaded to the platform, is subjected to an additional quality control.

Who is it for?

To all companies that want to have texts optimized for search engines, through an accurate service that ensures the highest quality content and developed from the analysis of user searches on Google. We also deal with research on themes and publications.

What are the benefits?

We guarantee high quality texts and fast delivery times, as well as extreme management flexibility. We take care of every phase: from the definition of the theme to the loading on the main CMS. For large orders, our technical structure is responsible for integrating our management systems with the customer’s CMS, for an even faster upload. We know the SEO thoroughly and our texts are developed to perform.

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