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We perform analysis of the sites of the most authoritative competitors on search engines. The analysis of inbound links, or backlinks, allows to partially detect the reasons for which the competing sites are positioned on search engines and to program the consequent SEO and Digital PR actions.

The analysis of backlinks is carried out in 3 phases:

  1. An extensive collection of the data of the identified sites;
  2. An analysis of the individual links to evaluate the quality based on specific indicators;
  3. Creation of a report, with clear language for the client, and evaluate the subsequent actions, proposing activities of Link Earning and Digital PR.

We carry out a detailed analysis, carried out using the best tools available, some of which are proprietary, and we design the best Link Building and Guest Posting strategy, with a strongly data-driven approach.
Our Digital PR activity is carried out with passion, indicating to the customer what to draw from competitors and to obtain an improvement in the positioning of the site.

Characteristics of Service

How it works?

We identify the direct competitors on search engines by extracting the list of backlinks and citations. The data thus obtained are enriched with qualitative and quantitative information. Starting from these, we develop a detailed analysis document, with which to plan the entire digital PR campaign, link building or link baiting.

Who is it for?

To all those who already have a solid OnPage SEO strategy and operate in extremely competitive sectors, where link building and link baiting is extremely important.

What are the benefits?

We activate link building and link baiting campaigns in a targeted way, quickly identifying the most effective content in a given sector. Planning takes place, therefore, not only on the basis of experience, but also on the basis of data.

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