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Structure of the Training Course

Introduction to Web Marketing

Strategy, planning and design. You will learn everything there is to know about the main online marketing activities.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Positioning on search engines (SEO) and AdWords campaigns (SEA) will no longer be secret to you at the end of the course.

Social Media Marketing

During the course you will approach the main analysis tools and discover successful case studies that will open your mind.

web Analytics

In digital marketing, measurement and correct data analysis are the basis for every action. Discover the analysis methodology and tools.

Information on the Digital Marketing Course

Three months in the heart of one of the most dynamic and evolving cities in the world: Los Angeles!
The course will take place in the months of January, February and March 2018 in the Downtown area.

190 hours of lessons, between English and Digital Marketing. To these are added another 50 hours during which you can work on a real project: present your personal project or choose one with the work team that you will train in Los Angeles.
Putting into practice what you learn during the lessons will be at the base of everything.

Phase 1 + Phase 2

Do not you have clear ideas about the project to be presented? Do not worry! We will also work alongside you during the design phase of the project. What you will need is the desire to immerse yourself in 3 months of training and work for the construction of a true professionalism, in a reality totally different from that to which you are accustomed. The target? Provide skills and a suitable approach to building a career in one of the most growing sectors in recent years.
Phase 1 is represented by the training course that will take place in Los Angeles, which includes both the English and Digital Marketing courses. An extremely practical course, to provide you with real skills and build a career in digital marketing.
Phase 2 will consist in 3 or 6 months within an institution of the Lazio Region.


You do not know how to organize yourself for accommodation? You do not know whom to consult? We will also help you find the accommodation that best suits your needs. We know that it is not easy about 10,000 km away.



C. Scott Hindell

UCLA professor, Speaker at TEDx & Principal of Hindell Consulting


Simple! Nowadays this is a very sought after profession, even in Italy! There are very few courses that are really practical and practical. During this course you will learn from industry professionals, learning about real cases.
Digital Marketing is the set of activities that allow market positioning of products, services or brands through digital advertising platforms. It uses channels such as Social Media, Email, Search Engines, Video, etc. For these reasons there is always more interest in this topic by companies, entrepreneurs and institutions.
Prepare yourself for 3 months of full immersion in digital marketing, during which you will have to work hard on a project and apply every day what you will learn in class. The goal is to train digital marketing professionals who know how to obtain high-level results for clients and / or personal projects.
Do not worry! You will be followed in every phase of your journey: from the compilation of the announcement to the drafting of the project and the necessary documentation for the departure until the arrival in the USA. Thanks to the courses you will follow with some bilingual teachers, you will improve your level of English from week to week!

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