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Caratteristiche del Corso

Who is it for?

We provide advanced Web Analytics training courses for employees and managers of large companies. The Web Analytics training activity is mainly aimed at those responsible for Web Marketing and the management of the company website. The training includes high interactivity and field tests, to immediately apply the concepts to reality.

Content of the course

In the course we will deepen the concept of measurement and implementation plan, applying it to the practical context of your company in a workshop session. The introduction to Tag Manager and the analysis on advanced Google Analytics will follow.


The course is aimed at developing the skills of analysing user interaction with the site, verifying the best content and techniques to optimise them, maximising conversions, discovering what path users are taking to arrive at the company site and improve the visitors' experience and finally to elaborate reports on the collected data.


Data Analysis

Valentina Tortolini

Chief Data Officer


Paolo Dello Vicario


Data Analysis

Claudio Ponziani


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Tech company focusing on collecting, analyzing and converting customer data into actionable insights, anomaly detection and predictions in order to improve business decisions and results.

Fintech company that collects, interprets and weighs Alternative Data of various sources and mixes them with traditional datasets for advanced monitoring and investment purposes.

Tech company specialised in the digital transformation, distribution and monetization of content via mobile and smart speakers, for publishers and brands.