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Characteristics of Course

Who is it for?

This is aimed at the marketing managers of companies, who want to deepen the latest possibilities offered not only by the web, but also by the app and the IoT. The training method is highly interactive and proposes case studies and practical activities, to consolidate the concepts learned through exercises and simulations.

Content of the course

The course analyzes the most recent developments in web marketing and the potential offered by Digital Transformation. We will present new techniques and strategies to improve the performance of web marketing campaigns and learn about the new possibilities offered by social media, apps and Internet of Things.


The first objective of the course is to provide the necessary elements to develop strategies and program Digital Marketing campaigns to the specialists of corporate advertising, promoting the company and its products in every digital channel: the web, social media and mobile devices, in full autonomy, with attention to results and improving the company's ROI.



Giuliano Maria Fabbri



Paolo Dello Vicario


Data Analysis

Valentina Tortolini

Chief Data Officer


Ivan Cicconi

Advertising Specialist


Daniele Cattaneo

UX/UI Designer

Data Analysis

Claudio Ponziani


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