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Caratteristiche del Corso

Who is it for?

The Advanced Advertising training course is ideal for marketing managers of companies wishing to learn strategies and new online marketing techniques. Web marketing is constantly evolving, so companies that want to emerge should offer the best training to their managers.

Content of the course

The course analyzes the new SEO and SEM strategies and advertising on Social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The theoretical part is accompanied by practical exercises through the use of monitoring tools, such as Facebook Insight AnalYtics. Among the contents, a deepening dedicated to the development techniques of Brand Awareness.


The course was created to provide the necessary and advanced skills to identify the most suitable channels to promote business, focusing on the possibilities offered by the web, Social Media and mobile devices. The objective is to lead collaborators to the autonomous management of budgeting and multi-channel advertising campaigns.



Ivan Cicconi



Daniele Cattaneo

UX/UI Designer


Paolo Dello Vicario


Data Analysis

Claudio Ponziani


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