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In the Italian insurance industry, a highly competitive sector, a few years ago emerged the first fully online IVASS Broker based in Rome: MioAssicuratore.

A project born from scratch, unique and challenging in which we have contributed from the beginning. MioAssicuratore turned to ByTek Marketing, in fact, from the first phase of the project to ensure visibility to the new emerging brand, as well as an increase in authority through, mainly, organic channel (SEO).

Objectives and expected results of MioAssicuratore

A clear idea that of MioAssicuratore: to distinguish itself as the first insurance broker, building the authority of its brand and providing a fast, simple, original and completely online service.

The insurance sector has always been extremely competitive, with the presence of major brands such as, Segugio, Zurich Connect. The digital channels (SEO and Google Ads) are, therefore, excellent tools to achieve the primary objective: to emerge and highlight their strengths.

Our Digital Marketing Solution

As in every project, we accepted the challenge and began to study and monitor the reference market and competitors, thanks also to the constant comparison with the MioAssicuratore team and the synergy created.

The first activities saw the complete SEO analysis and planning, in order to define the information architecture of the site suited to the needs of users, whose online behaviour had been previously analysed.

The first version of the website was online after a month, which was then followed by some revisions to reach the current version, which is extremely competitive, usable mainly from mobile and has over 200,000 registered users. Today MioAssicuratore wants to emerge as the Italian leader in the sale of non-motor insurance, obtaining a new round of investment of 1.5 million euros.

Specifically, we have studied the architecture of the website ad hoc, always proceeding with a data-driven approach. Fundamental were the market and benchmark analyses with other players in the sector for the definition of strategies.

At the same time, Digital PR activities were launched on blogs and magazines in the sector, in order to increase the authoritativeness of the brand and the website.

The measurement of results

The activities carried out since the beginning have brought very interesting results and a constantly growing number of requests for quotations.

The first and biggest result, however, was an investment of 300,000 euros. While, in the long term, the organic results in terms of positioning and brand authority have generated an increasing number of online users and attracted the attention of new investors.

From January 2016 to January 2019 the website recorded a traffic variation of +630.61%. This for us is the most relevant figure in terms of organic traffic.

The achievement of the objectives has allowed the brand to grow, establish itself and become a solid corporate structure until obtaining a last round of investments of 1.5 MLN.

What has been Done

MioAssicuratore needed an SEO partner to aim to compete in one of the most competitive sectors in Italy: insurance. They were asking for a 360° SEO support to the tight-knit internal team, which deals every day with User Experience, business strategies and new opportunities.

What has been Done

For MioAssicuratore we took care of all the design of the information architecture, the definition of the technical specifications of SEO OnPage, copywriting and Digital PR activities. We have always supported the internal team and with good teamwork we are aiming together for high results.


In 3 years has reached an excellent position on Google, becoming one of the leading portals in the sector, among the most visible and well-known in Italy. The site has also obtained excellent results on very competitive queries related to online car and motorbike policies. Climbing fast and break even point.

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