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TAG Innovation School is the innovation and digital school of the Talent Garden S.p.A. group, the largest coworking and innovation network in Europe. TAG Innovation School brings digital culture and content to those who want to train and acquire innovative skills to learn new languages, update and develop their career. ByTek Marketing works with the school successfully also in corporate training and master development.

What has been Done

TAG Innovation School has relied on ByTek Marketing to promote its Full Time and Part Time masters on topics close to digital. In addition to the needs of pure digital marketing, TAG Innovation School needed to have a timely tracking of its campaigns, identifying KPIs close to business objectives.

What has been Done

ByTek oversaw the strategic planning of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google AdWords, with a continuous analysis of user behaviour and offline processes. We integrated Google Analytics and Woopra with the lead tracking system, tracking the CPA for each lead, as well as various operational metrics.


TAG Innovation School has reached ROAS up to 4.000% and today it is possible to identify the single advertisement and the navigation path of each lead, as well as to make extremely accurate and fast return on investment evaluations.
ByTek Marketing is a fixed partner of TAG Innovation School in defining new strategies.

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