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How to acquire new contacts to turn into customers? With the activity of Lead Generation, which aims to collect email and contact data to create a database of potential customers. It aims to identify people potentially interested in the company’s products or services.

Why do Lead Generation

The best contacts are the “hot” ones that directly or indirectly have shown interest in the products or services offered by the company. For this reason, obtaining targeted contacts with a possible propensity for conversion is the desire of every marketer.
One must reflect that, from the user’s point of view, the transfer of a contact data – be it an email address or a mobile phone number, or even a local address – must correspond to an advantage. None of us will gladly leave an address to a company if we do not think that a benefit can be derived from this action. We all subscribe to newsletters and only report our contacts if we are looking for in-depth information about a product or service, if we want to inform ourselves by reading free manuals and ebooks, or if we are looking for coupons and discount codes.

How to do Lead Acquisition activities:

There are many tools to acquire the contacts of people interested in the brand or products and services, to propose the purchase. Lead Acquisition can be carried out with online and offline techniques:

Lead Acquisition online
The web offers many possibilities to acquire contacts, some adopted long ago, others more recent:

1.Email marketing: yes, the very email that, invented 23 years ago, is still used by 91% of digitised adults, 61% of whom consult it on average once a day, according to Pew Research. Email is still one of the privileged channels to generate B2B leads.

2.Search Marketing: whether it is done with advertising or SEO techniques, it is a fundamental tool to reach clients and generate contacts among those who carry out online research. A good positioning ensures greater interaction with users, obtained through SEO and Inbound Marketing. Important, in this sense, the contribution of services such as Facebook Lead Ads and other forms of online advertising.

3.Giving to receive: a really useful element to get contacts from a target of people really interested is to offer digital content downloadable from the site against a not too invasive registration. These are manuals, guides, presentations. However, it is a matter of creating truly rewarding content for our contact, which will thus be made even more well-disposed towards the company.

4.Usually a contact form hosted in a landing page, well designed and not too intrusive generates more registrations than the traditional contact page. It is a matter of making the best use of web design to make the page pleasant, without obscuring content and causing disturbance, especially in the mobile. One wonders whether the site is designed and designed to collect contacts or too focused on the presentation of the company and the products or services offered.

5.Corporate Blogging and Social Media activities: a well-designed corporate blog, content conveyed on Social Media are an excellent tool, both for the Lead Generation B2B, and to acquire new prospects.

Lead Marketing offline
The search for contacts is an activity that marketing managers have always carried out, even before the web offered endless possibilities. Even today, some outbound marketing tools still work very well:

1.Points cards: supermarkets and petrol stations have been offering marketing tools for decades. The registration of users, against an incentive to purchase, is a very valid tool, although not exactly innovative. The numbers are still impressive.

2.Events: think of the trade fairs, during which dozens and dozens of business cards are exchanged. These are offline tools, it’s true, which still favourably affects the lead generation in the B2B sector.

3.Corporate blog and Social Media presence: a corporate blog that offers articles on useful topics, combined with the production and dissemination of content on Social Media, can certainly attract new prospects, potential customers, who will leave their contacts to get information.

Lead Management, contact management

Through the above mentioned techniques, a list of email addresses has been created. How to manage them? Obviously it is necessary to use at least a CRM, a software that allows you to manage your contacts. It is therefore advisable to use Marketing Automation software, which allows you to automate the functions of contact management, email marketing, analysis of new contacts and Lead Scoring, or scoring based on information about the individual customer. By analysing the keywords that led him to the site and the pages visited, it is possible to analyse what interested the potential customer most, sending him a personalised proposal based on his interests.
ByTek Marketing accompanies the client in the Lead Marketing activity, contact management and marketing automation actions that will transform a prospect into a client.

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