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Google News: how it works and how to start

In a world where information is increasingly confused and fragmented, where fake news is spreading at a worrying rate, having a high quality, personalized and constantly updated news feed is key.

To meet these needs, Google has created Google News, to deliver complete and updated news coverage, with articles from all over the world, so that you can find, organize and personalize your own press review.

Born in 2002 and available today in over 60 countries and in more than 35 languages, this Google service works as a news aggregator, combining machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide users with the best content based on their interests and browsing preferences, through the smoothest user experience.

Google News is currently available both from a web browser and as an Android and iOS app.

Operation and Features

Google News has an extremely intuitive interface, featuring the “For you” section and the main news from various online publications, clustered by topics - from Business to Health - and by origin - your country, the world or local.

The news is provided with a summary of a few lines and the relative publication date, one click away from the source of the article.

The information provided by Google News is fast, direct and global: the news will reach you through personalized notifications, with no need to go through a search engine, providing access to all the sources available for that specific topic of interest.

To make the user experience even more interesting, you can customize the content based on your interests, choosing your favorite topics and newspapers, with the “Follow” button. In this way, you will train Google algorithm to provide you more and more relevant search results.

On the other hand, you can also choose not to show certain articles, topics or sites anymore.

Besides, you can save news to read for later and share it directly on social networks, simply by clicking on an icon.

A Showcase for publishers

In some countries (for example in the UK and Australia, but not in the US) Google News has launched a tool with enormous potential for publishers: News Showcase, a branded display case for any publication - from newspapers to specialized magazines - where the editorial team chooses which news to highlight.

How to get started with Google News

To access Google News as a reader, all you need is a Google account: the service is free.

If you do not have a Google account, you can still access, but the functions will be limited: you will not be able to save articles, customize the search and other useful features.

When the news comes from paid sources, Google News allows you to read the summary and preview for free. To view the entire article, you will have to sign up, subscribing directly from Google News with an in-app purchase, or log in if you already have an active subscription.

How to get published on Google News? Here are the requirements

Google News guarantees publishers greater coverage and visibility for their content, improving organic positioning and therefore increasing traffic and potential conversions.

Joining the News indices also means improving your brand awareness - which means more readers for the entire publication - and, consequently, advertising revenues.

Although Google claims that all you need to be featured in the News is to produce high-quality content and adhere to content regulations, clearly not all websites can be included.

To make your articles as attractive as possible, it is necessary to comply with a few editorial requirements:

  • A proven authority of the site and high reliability of the authenticity of the news;
  • Content with journalistic standards, which are original and consistent;
  • Articles must have a well-identified author and report the date and time of publication;
  • Advertising spaces consistent with the contents;
  • Content related to recent events and published on a regular basis;
  • Prioritizing the quality of an article over quantity;
  • Articles should count at least 80 words, but we recommend a minimum of 250.

In addition, these main technical requirements should also be considered:

  • A CMS suitable for a news platform;
  • A highly usable website;
  • Effective SEO optimization;
  • An effective and easy-to-read structure for crawlers to ensure that Google crawls the pages correctly;
  • Unique URLs for each article and a complete sitemap;
  • The text of the article must necessarily be in HTML;
  • At least one image per article with a file name and an appropriate ALT attribute;
  • Use structured data and markup

If your site is not yet considered by Google News, their Help Community is a great resource to start understanding what you are missing to become relevant.

To take action, the ByTek team offers its experience and its Martech solutions to all publishers who want to take full advantage of Google News.

A data-driven approach is essential to produce effective content, also through the application of Trend Detection.

TrendSonar retrieves and analyzes data related to online searches from different sources - including Google News itself, but also Google Keyword Planner, Google Suggest and Google Trends - to identify the most followed trends.

This is a huge amount of data: that’s why having it all collected in an easy-to-consult dashboard allows you to make more targeted and effective editorial decisions.

Thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence, TrendSonar provides you with an overview of the fastest growing keywords, classified by type and search volume, along with the top ten news items that contain that specific keyword.

TrendSonar provides strategic information on online trends that are most useful to publishers, who can now monitor key topics, check the performance of online content and consequently provide regular advice to editors on what to write, with the support of a specialized SEO team.

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Google News: how it works and how to start

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