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What is Next Best Action Marketing? It is a branch of marketing that operates by proposing to customers already acquired the next best offer. Best because it is designed to respond to their passions and lifestyles. It is therefore a matter of designing marketing actions aimed at identifying the next move, the most effective proposal, towards customers whose purchase history exists or whose age, gender, interests and lifestyles are known, thanks to questionnaires or Lead Generation actions.
It is therefore a marketing strategy, easier to adopt in web marketing but also useful in offline marketing, which is no longer focused on the product, but focuses on the consumer. Product oriented marketing leads to the development of standard offers, to be proposed to a wide target of consumers, even for everyone, in the case of a supermarket flyer. Next Best Action Marketing, on the other hand, develops offers that are “tailor-made” by means of marketing automation software.

Next Best Action and data usage

Planning an NBA Marketing campaign obviously involves the use of data, generally internal to the company, such as purchase history and customer profile, if anything related to Big Data related to market trends and consumption of specific social groups, as well as customer data extracted from social networks. The different sources of data must be analysed with Data Mining techniques, then processed, made homogeneous, and related through Business Intelligence and Data Analysis software. The second phase of the elaboration realises the Customer Segmentation, that is, the subdivision of the customers into homogeneous, increasingly specific groups. In this way it is possible to propose offers that intercept the needs of individual customers, or groups of them, on the basis of objective states and behaviour. If the objective of web marketing is to obtain conversions, a purchase proposal perfectly tailored to the customer’s behaviour and desires has much more possibilities to generate purchases than generalist campaigns, which must act on very high numbers in order to be effective.

Next Best Contextual Action

Marketing Automation tools are now able to act in real time, even on the carts of e-commerce portals. How many times, when buying a camera online, have we been offered to buy the case and SD card as well? These are precisely Next Best Action Marketing contextual actions. This strategy can also be adopted for new customers. Cross Selling is obviously carried out thanks to automated tools, which can give surprising results, if managed professionally. These are very interesting software, which offers offers to customers in an automated way and 7 days a week. Obviously behind the automation there must be a commercial strategy, able to program offers that can find favour with the potential buyer.

How to convey the NBA offer

Once the offer has been processed, the contact channel most likely to capture the customer’s attention should be evaluated, using marketing automation software, which analyses the most used forms of contact and buying habits. In many cases, in fact, the customer enters into a relationship with the brand through a physical store, in other cases it is an e-commerce portal. In the insurance sector, the contact channel is often represented by a telephone contact center, but the offer through ordinary mail – such as “Come to the store and use the discount voucher”, email and social media – are also effective tools.
The effectiveness of Next Best Action Marketing’s actions is obviously linked to the quality of the data and its processing. The more accurate are the data related to lifestyle, interests and buying habits, the more targeted will be the proposal, able to involve hobbies, sports, clothing and attitude to ensure the risks, invest capital or plan trips. In all areas of the sale of goods or services, NBA Marketing has a positive influence on conversions and sales.
The Marketing Automation and Data Segmentation software proposed and implemented by ByTek Marketing are among the most valid and used by brands worldwide. Their use can automate and customise the marketing actions of your company. Ask for a free consultation.

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