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By now everyone knows that Google has worked on a new interface to facilitate and speed up the management of AdWords campaigns. Today as I was switching from one account to another, I realised that on one of these was active the trial version, easily intuitable given the considerable difference between the old and the new screen.
So I started to examine the various settings and screens of the new graphics, starting from the main dashboard full of graphics and general information about all campaigns.nuova interfaccia adwords

nuova interfaccia adwords 2

In summary there is the usual graph with two selectable options, clicks and impressions in this case, under 3 graphs with the main overviews on the trend of the campaigns cost, click, CTR, the performance for the various devices and a map that, depending on the intensity of the color, shows when there are the most clicks.
If in the central column in light grey, you click on one of the three tabs campaigns, ad groups or product groups, the screen that opens is the usual one, where you can select the columns according to your needs.
The settings screen, on the other hand, has undergone a considerable variation in graphics, which in my opinion is much simpler and more immediate than the other.nuovo3

The geographic targeting screen is excellent, in addition to the map that takes almost the entire screen, which highlights in blue the areas chosen as target and in red the excluded areas, it shows us a general overview of the performance of the various areas; in a way it takes the information that was previously available in the “Dimensions” tab, which, at least in this version, I could not find, but given the importance I think it will be implemented later.


Then we go to the announcement planning screen where we can go to see the adjustments of the bids; in this case the yellow color indicates that on that day and at that time there is an adjustment of the offer, the only problem is that both the positive and negative adjustments are marked with the yellow color, in my opinion two different colours would make the situation much clearer. While the various shades of blue indicate the amount of clicks obtained in a given period, obviously the deep blue indicates a high number of interactions and the light blue indicates a low number of interactions.nuovo5

The columns tab instead has been moved to the top right (green square of the first screenshot), when you select one of the tabs groups of ads, keywords, etc. …, this too has been completely redesigned, inserting the classic tick to select or deselect a metric, and adding arrows (green circles in the second screenshot) to expand the various tabs.nuovo6


The ads and extensions tab have been merged; clicking on the round blue button with the + sign will open the screens for creating ads or extensions. The two screens are very similar, clean and intuitive, so below you’ll find the ads screen and the drop-down menu that opens after clicking on the blue button.



Finally, I went to see the interface for creating new campaigns and new ad groups. The first one has been changed both in terms of graphics and settings, basically a sort of “fusion” has been made between the search network and display network settings, with the choice of the type of campaign and the marketing goals you want to achieve.
For the groups of ads instead, the steps of adding keywords, with a new type of keyword suggestion, and that of inserting ads have been separated.



In addition, to being cleaner and more intuitive, the new platform is much faster in creating campaigns, ad groups, etc… and switching between tabs. We just have to wait and see what surprises Google has in store for us in the near future.

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