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Bing Ads, too, decides to work on the target devices within its Advertising platform.

But what does Target per Unified Device actually mean?

Until a few months ago, before this implementation, it was not possible to start a campaign on the Bing channel directly on all devices. In fact it was necessary to create more campaigns for each device used as targeting.
Today instead, every time we decide to create and start an Advertising campaign on the Bing Ads channel, our ads will target all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
At this point the question arises spontaneously: how do I optimise campaigns on various devices?

Setting an offer modifier on the various devices

As it happens and was already happening on the Google AdWords platform, Bing Ads has also introduced a system for adjusting offers for the various devices.
Specifically this option allows us to increase or decrease the offer, so the cpc that we set on a single keyword, based on its performance on a given device.

As we can see from the picture above, we have 3 devices available:
– Desktop
– Tablet
– Smartphone.
For each of these, a drop-down menu allows us to choose to increase or decrease the offer for each device, all from the campaign settings tab. To better understand how it works, a concrete example can be given.
Let’s imagine we have the keyword “bing ads”, and we have set an offer, and then a cpc of 1€. After a bit of data we realise that the keyword performs well on the desktop, a bit less on tablets and doesn’t get results on smartphones. At this point what we could do is this:
1 – Desktop: increase the offer on these devices, let’s assume a 20%. If the offer initially set was 1€, with the increase of a 20%, our cpc will automatically become 1.20€, allowing us to exit more likely on computers.
2 – Tablet: since the performance is slightly lower, what we could do is leave the offer adjustment unchanged, or decrease it a bit, let’s say a 10-20%. This brings it down to 0.80-0.90€.
3 – Smartphone: this device has not led to any kind of result, probably the best option is to remove it completely. To do this it will be sufficient to set a reduction of the offer equal to 100%, excluding the device permanently.
So with this feature, even on Bing you can optimise your campaigns in the right way, to get the best performance from each device.

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