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It’s been an important year for us at ByTek, a year full of change and success.

We joined the Datrix group with PaperLit, FinScience and 3rdPlace, moving into a new reality that made us grow a lot, not only numerically, but also in terms of work and personnel. We got to know different realities and met new colleagues from all over Italy, expanding our panorama of knowledge and friendships.

We have participated in major national and international events, where we have been guests or speakers, bringing home suitcases full of knowledge and contacts, always having fun in the spirit of positivity that distinguishes us. From the Web Marketing Festival in Rimini to the CxO in Paris, passing through the Lisbon Web Summit, we travelled a lot and shared our experiences with our colleagues when we returned home.

We have proudly become Google Premier Partner, an exceptional achievement for which we have worked hard, a job and personal satisfaction that drives us to improve our services even more every day.

We have consolidated our collaboration with the University of Tuscia with new projects and renewed enthusiasm.

But, above all, we have remained human. We have intertwined the Artificial Intelligence of Datrix with the human one, becoming a larger group of colleagues, but always with the same closeness.

All this would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of all of you.

ByTek wishes you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
See you again on January 7th, 2020!

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Elisa Luci

Anno 1993. Laureata in Ingegneria Meccanica presso l’Università degli Studi della Tuscia di Viterbo. Nel 2014 ho fondato Bytek Marketing insieme ad altri colleghi conosciuti all’università, dove oggi mi occupo di SEO e Front-End Development. Cresciuta sulla terra rossa dei campi da tennis partecipando a tornei di livello agonistico, oggi le mie passioni sono viaggiare, sciare e mangiare sushi. Dal 2005, non per scelta, seguo fedelmente lo stile di vita del “Gluten Free”.

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