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Seo Copywriting: strategies for highquality content

Once a little girl, answering the teacher’s question, “What does your special person do for a living?”, referring to her aunt, a journalist and writer, said, “She sells words. If you steal that little but sharp child’s expression, you could say that a really good Seo Copywriter must be able to sell her words. Because behind her words are information, emotions, research, and truth. Seo Copywriting is an activity that must basically answer questions and offer what the user is looking for, then sell words and, linked to these, emotions, dreams and truth. To give answers you need to be prepared, to be prepared you need to document, study, read. And a lot. Because in the age of the Internet everyone knows everything. But badly and very superficially. So how to build quality content? How to make our readers loyal? Simple, if we write well and give answers, our reader will read us again. And we will have sold our words.

Seo Content, content marketing and (more or less) winning strategies

Answering precise questions but above all making the user find our answers; I can write the most beautiful piece in the world, one of the Pulitzer Prize pieces, but if nobody finds it, it would be better not to have ever written it. In Seo Copywriting you must then necessarily start from the questions. But to be found you have to use exactly the words that the readers/users are looking for.

There are more questions than answers

An old journalist used to point out to his practitioners that there are more questions than answers and that the difference between a good reporter and everyone else was in formulating the right one. When we relate this situation to Seo Copywriting, we can say that a copywriter’s skill lies in finding the right questions and then giving the right answers. Try to take a ride to Answer The Public will find out how true it is! We will probably specialize more and more in Voice Search, and the SEO Specialist will work on profiling clusters of personas associated with sections of the site. For sure the Seo Copywriter will have to work more and more closely with the SEO Specialist in order to enter “in the mind” of his reader. And to answer his questions he will have to do it using necessarily the same words, therefore offering quality content. That’s when keyword search comes into play.

To deepen the keyword search in Seo Copywriting you have a lot of material available. But before we get to the presentation of some tools, we need to understand why keyword search is so important for Seo copywriters. In order to be able to “sell our words” you need to first understand which question we want and must answer. Then we need to analyze the search intentions, keywords and synonyms that the reader could use as well as all the features associated with them. Characteristics such as the destination, the recipient and last but not least the adverbs associated with them: where, why, how much, and the like. In the expansion of the query anyway, you must always keep in mind the pyramidal structure, where the keywords with higher traffic volume will have to keep apical positions, until you get to the so-called long tail, on which you will need to focus more to find all the possible associations that the user could look for. In short, you have to play with words. Which tools for Seo Copywriting There are many tools that can help us understand the questions we need to find answers to. As already said, keyword search is a very important step in Seo Copywriting and to achieve it in the best way, we can use many tools. The most used one (for a fee), is surely Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool, where you can observe both the search volume, the difficulty, the functionality of the snake and the difficulty of the keyword. The above mentioned Answer The Public is excellent to have an idea of the adverbs questions and for the long tail variants of the keywords of the text. Answer The Public questions are widely used, for example, to insert some H2 on specific topics to be dealt with on a given keyword. Compared to some other already well-known tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest, it’s worth spending a few more minutes on what was once Ubersuggest and now takes the name of its creator, Neil Patel. A free tool that for some time now also offers the volume of monthly searches and ideas for keywords (always with volume, research), suggested: and related: Finally, a tool that has recently been enriched with nice features is Seozoom: Which also offers an overview of Answer The Public but with an idea of the volumes, great for getting an idea of how to develop our editorial plan.

Keyword stuffing

Very often we have heard repeatedly that the main keywords should be inserted in the first paragraph of the text and possibly in bold. There are also precise rules on keyword density. In fact, even in this case, there are very nice tools that help us to understand how our text is full of keywords. Sometimes unnecessarily. Writing a text stuffed with keywords is in fact useless: it’s useless to go around it, that’s what it is. Don’t write a text full of keywords, in an attempt to “cheat” Google. Making an inconsiderate list of numbers or city names in the hope of positioning yourself better is the wrong thing to do. Seo Copywriting is NOT a set of keywords put together but the ability to write quality text applying the rules of the web.

Newsjacking? Yes, thank you, but…

Answer the questions, okay, organize the PED well also, but then never forget to give “something more”. My text must not simply be the answer to a question, it must also have a particular quid, which makes my text THE text. So why not link the text to the news of the moment? Of course, if you’re dealing with tape scrapers, it will be difficult to connect you to the Ferragnez, which, as everyone knows, are the golden goose of the World Wide Web, but consider above all that those who are looking for useful information on the scrapers probably might not be very interested in the most famous family of the moment. Maybe he’ll read your text, but finding information about little Leo’s first birthday, maybe he’ll never come back on your site again (and will curse you for life). The watchword then will be once again, read, inquire and link the right news with the topic you are dealing with to reach everyone who might be interested in your text.

Old and new complement each other

Old and new very often complement each other. To make your text THE text, do not hesitate to resort to some “old gimmick”. Online you can find a lot of material but never forget to give “something extra”. That’s why then it might be useful to set aside articles, comments, interventions, the material of all kinds that can help me to offer that extra touch that the reader will find only in my text. And to do this sometimes you might even have to put aside the healthy old paper. Those things that smell like paper, like the weeklies or newspapers that nobody buys anymore. But they contain very interesting ideas sometimes, also because the articles published in the printed edition of weeklies and newspapers are not the same version published online. Considering then that no one buys paper newspapers anymore, drawing inspiration from them you will surely have a 100% original text!

Content design

But how, you talk about Seo Copywriting and say nothing about content design? Don’t ever. To be found by the user/reader you need to answer his questions with the same words but you also need to write in an SEO perspective: knowing how to write well and knowing the basic rules of online text optimization. Goals are fundamental. The Title tag for example is the most relevant SEO factor for the ranking: it must be done artfully, within 70 characters and immediately give the idea to answer the questions of life. Immediately to the left it must contain the main keywords, so a concept like: “if you read the text it will be clearer to you”. In a few simple words. The description doesn’t have a direct impact on the ranking but it is the reason why the user, scrolling the snake, will click or not on the text. Fundamental is the call-to-action. The more it attracts the reader, the better, woe betide to disappoint his expectations, so we go back to the box of the way: the content must be of quality. The header tags: the text must be “passable”, “airy”: segmented by H2, H3 and so on (I personally have never gone beyond H4). Use bold to highlight kw and basic concepts. URLs must be keyword reach then contain the main keyword, for which we want to position ourselves. These are the pills of content design, they must be followed to the letter, always and anyway!

We are part of a cog

Seo Copywriting, SEO Specialist, CMS, CRM, social networks, advertising and whoever has more, are parts of a great machine that can run towards our goal/goal. The Seo Copywriter must get it right in the head that it is not a happy island, because if even a single screw of the whole gear breaks, the goal/goal gets further and further away. Remember Inside Out, the movie Disney-Pixar? For almost three-quarters of the film, only Joy seemed useful to little Riley’s happiness, but in the end it was clear that Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust were also needed. Leaving to others the responsibility to say among those who do advertising, SEO, Copywriting etc, etc. is comparable to anger, fear and disgust, it is important to emphasize only the concept that within the gear-company, we are all indispensable and that if even one of the mechanisms jams, the whole machine loses.

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